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Ideas for post-reception activities

Hello Vegas wedding experts! We are having a late Saturday morning wedding and with a brunch reception at Wicked Spoon. We expect all of the wedding festivities to be done by 2pm, and lots of our guests are asking...then what are we doing!?

As for me, I would be THRILLED to be done with wedding obligations at 2pm in the afternoon for a destination wedding. However, most etiquette books and websites I'm reading say that for a destination wedding we should at least plan some activities for our guests to opt into. So if we're done at 2pm, photographer gone.... then what? The only thing I have come up with is doing the High Roller ferris wheel, but that doesn't sound too exciting to me even, they say it's best at night, we'd have to transport everyone there, and each pod holds 40 people (we're expecting 50). Any other thoughts on activities post-reception (even if they are just "suggested"?) We may call whatever it is an informal after-party.

Way later on, my fiance and I think it would be nice/fun to do a romantic dinner alone that night...so nothing too crazy during the day. But I'm also concerned about how to transition from "after party" to dinner time, and also I don't want people to feel obligated to stick around if they'd rather do something on their own.

Any ideas?

Re: Ideas for post-reception activities

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    We just booked one of the 3hr ish limo bus tours of the strip for those who want to go after dinner. I know the double decker bus is another popular option too. But I do think both of those might be better if you have guests who haven't been to Vegas a bunch (we're mostly doing it for the photo ops.)

    I've also seen lots of brides here book a table and bottle service at a club, if that's your thing although of course that's for nighttime (big time $$$ on Saturday though.)

    Personally, I'd keep it very optional and casual so that no one feels obligated to go if it isn't their thing though.

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  • Thank you! That's a great idea. I will check into that, particularly for the photo ops.

    We aren't really club people. We did notice that Cosmopolitan now offers a service to "reserve" table games for your wedding party. We might do that for an hour post-wedding.
  • You could go hang out on Fremont street, the DDB as you mentioned, you could just walk around as a group checking out some sights and attractions, there's some great laid back "pubs" on the strip you could hang out at. 

    As mentioned, I'd really keep it optional and casual. That way you would likely not be expected to pay for it. That's what we plan to do. For example, we are going to a show likely on Wednesday and Friday night. We are just telling people which show and time, they can come or not. Same with the cabana at the pool, we are just saying a time and they can come or not. 
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  • If you want to be out of wedding mode and wearing your dress and just want to have fun and wanted to go off the strip you could always rent a party bus or one of those little buses and head to Lake Mead. There is so much to do there including renting boats, jet skis, or just hanging out on there "beach."

    Depending on the time of year you could go to a pool party and take over some cabanas.

    I still think the High Roller is a great idea and right now they are having a deal where you can buy 2 for 1 rides so people can go at night and in the day. I went at night it was amazing, but I would love to see it in the day as well. That is only a 30 min ride, but they can also get some drinks.

  • Our wedding is February 7, 2015 - while some of the hotels claim their pools will be open, with an average high of 66F that might be pushing it. So we probably can't do a DDB either, but I found a limo tour that looks awesome, basically takes you on a bus to all the free shows. The cost is cheap enough we'd be willing to cover it for our guests. That way we're only in the cold for a short while :) So we are trying to focus on indoor daytime activities.

    Another thought I had was maybe visit one of the local breweries for a tour. I've heard there are a ton in Vegas, so need to research that! I wonder if they would be put off if we showed up with 40 people randomly, guess it would depend on the place. But a brewery doesn't scream "LAS VEGAS" does it....hmmmm...the brainstorming continues!
  • A brewery would be awesome! There are also gun ranges if anyone is into that. 
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  • Bowling at Brooklyn Bowl :) 
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