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Hey girls (and guys!) just wondering who's used/has hired a wedding coordinator? Our ceremony, cocktail reception and meal is all at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant, then I have a limo and Bentley wilson photography booked for a strip tour then we plan to go on to a lounge/bar/club to party the night away... I'm wondering if it would be good to have someone to ensure all the suppliers are all where they should be from first thing with the hair and make up and make sure we are all where we should be too! What do you think? What sort of price should I expect to pay for an on the day coordinator? Thanks for your insight!

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  • I would say, if you have it all in one place (which sounds like you are) you don't really need someone. It's when you have things spread out that you do. Another thing to take into consideration is decorations...are you having any? If so, a coordinator may be helpful.

    I have seen DOCs run from $40/hour to $1500/day.

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  • It would probably make the day much easier if you have one.  For the minimal amount of things you want them to worry about, Culinary Pros would probably be a good option since they can do hourly rates

    We used Scheme Events who only provide full day services, but they were incredible; we had a ton for them to worry about though so that made more sense in our case.

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  • Thank you guys I'll have a think about what we might need and check out culinary pros and scheme events...
  • I hired Scheme Events for DOC already and I still don't have my ceremony/reception places booked.

    Honestly, I like the peace of mind that I'm paying someone to make the day run smoothly. This is their career so they can handle anything. I also don't want my mom or his mom to feel like it's their responsibility to make the day run well, and them not be able to enjoy the wedding day OR the fact that this is their vacation too!

    Worth every penny, IMHO. I'm paying $1,500 for the day. Oh and the owner Rissa is very responsive and super friendly!
  • I wish I had, had a DOC. Cause I had to do everything myself. I didn't have a bridal party. looking back at it I'm very unhappy about how I wasn't tended too. My family, sister & mother were both usless, no one flapped my dress out durning the ceremony or even had a tissue to wipe my happy tears. During our photo shoot, the cashman photographer had to be told to flap my dress and I was sweating my brains out,  again he didn't let me stop to freshen up all my pictures my face is shinny. So if you want your guest to enjoy themselves and you want to make sure your day is perfect and not have to worry about everything yourself, get a coordinator - I really should have and regret that I didn't.
  • I 110% agree with @jayjaay!    It was very hectic and I asked a lot of favors of a lot of friends and I did a ton myself too.  Hire one!  I also wish I'd hired one for the meet and greet we held in the PH suite.  That was a lot of work too!
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  • I hired Scheme events too.  I am still confused about what all the DOCs do.  Is is okay to email them for advice before the wedding or am I not supposed to really talk to them until a month before the wedding? 
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  • If they're going to be handling coordination for your wedding, definitely email them as much and as often as you feel is necessary to answer your questions and ensure everyone is on the same page.  We used Scheme for DOC and they did have a very detailed questionnaire they had me fill out with all of our vendors, what the vendors were supposed to be doing, when, contact info, etc.  They contacted each vendor several weeks in advance to introduce themselves and let the appropriate people know what they would be doing and basically took over all communication on the days leading up to wedding day to ensure everyone would be where they were supposed to be and when.  Everything went very smoothly.

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