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February 2011 Weddings

Bridal Shower

I need a little help and some thoughts on the Bridal shower. I'm only having one and I don't know when. The big day is 2/20, and while I don't want it too close to the wedding, I also don't want it too close to Christmas because of money and travel situations and don't people travel for Thanksgiving? Most of the people coming to the wedding live in or around Philadelphia and the wedding shower is going to be in Harrisburg. It's less than a 2 hour drive west on the turnpike, but -- I'm just trying to make things easier for most people (I'm trying to wean myself off of trying to please EVERYONE).


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Re: Bridal Shower

  • I was wondering about this as well. Although you shouldn't plan your own shower it's fine to give input to the people planning one for you.

    My MOH and mom told me they had thought about planning one in late October so that it could be held outside at my mom's home but that seems so soon. I always thought most people had their showers the month before the wedding but for all of us that would be January and right after the holidays. What is everyone else doing?

  • After talking with my family and bridal party mine *I think* (its supposed to be a surprise) mine is in late October as well.  This keeps it away from the holidays, but also my fiancee and I are planning on moving in November and this way we can have the things from our shower when we move in.  February is definitley a difficult time with the holidays falling right before.


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  • I think we're also doing mine outside at the end of October.  On top of holidays, I have to worry about midterms thrown in on top of everything else, so I think the end of October is going to work the best.

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  • Awesome -- thank  you all for the posts!

    Mine is currently on the calendar for early November ... I just wanted to get some input so I knew I was thinking right. I'm not planning it, just trying to help determine the date so that all the people who are important to me are around/available.
  • Im planning mine for January. I guess thats considered close to the wedding but I dont really see the problem with having the bridal shower a month away from the wedding. Its not like anything that happens at a bridal shower is going to effect the wedding day. October seems just way to soon for me. But thats just me, any month you choose will be fine!
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  • I am also planning for January.  The wedding is 2/19, the shower/bachelorette party are 1/8.
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    I’m so glad this was brought up.  I hadn't even thought about my bridal shower till I read this... I know I'm technically not suppose to be involved but I want to make sure that my girls who are in the wedding party get to come… I started off with only my MOH being from out of town and now only one of my BM’s is local everyone else has moved : ( 

    So I shot my MOH an e-mail and asked her if she had given any thought to the shower. She had figured January, but when I brought up the fact that I would really want the whole wedding party there she said of course and now she’s running around trying to get a hold of everyone and set the date for late Oct early Nov…

    What I’m really hoping for is to be able to kill two birds with one stone (STS) and get all the girls down here for the party as well as go dress shopping with them… Now that would be really awesome.
  • One of my very very good friends who at this point cannot attend our wedding is throwing me a shower on Nov. 7.  This one will be for all of my friends here in Massachusetts (including my bridesmaids and mom of course!).  Then my BMs in Connecticut are planing one for sometime in January, for my family and friends in connecticut (and those who live south of CT).  I will have 2 which I don't necessarily want, but it makes sense for people who have to travel to have one where 1/2 of my friends are and where the other 1/2 and my family are.  I live in MA and am planning my wedding in CT...so I guess it makes it a little more complicated.  
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  • i think my shower is going to be the 3rd week in january!!!! so i think you shouldnt worry about holidays because they willl be over by jan 2
  • Ya, mine is Oct 17th. Thought it would be best to keep it away from any Holidays and such.
  • Mine is going to be in Oct sometime...not sure when, it's definitely easier to get it done w/ prior to the holidays, not only for everyone coming but for me as well
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