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Suggestions for Budget Reception Ideas

I am in need of dome recommendations for budget reception ideas. My wedding will be taking place at 2 pm in April and I am not serving a meal. I would love to include some sort of bbq (maybe sliders). I am not looking to spend a lot of money. Any suggestions?


Re: Suggestions for Budget Reception Ideas

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    If you do BBQ sliders, I think you should also have some kind of side/s to go with them.
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    If you're not having a meal time wedding, then I wouldn't serve any food that reminds people of a potential meal.  Just having a platter of sliders seems weird, and quite frankly a bit messy if I'm dressing up at all for your wedding.

    Exactly what is your budget?  Because cake and punch is going to be the most budget friendly.  Once you start treading into other food, then you're also going to have to pay for additional plates, potentially silverware, napkins, ways to keep the food hot meaning perhaps another service person and if you're self-catering or picking the food up from a deli means buying sterno and chafing dishes or another way to keep hot foods hot plus cold foods cold), and then potentially paying for someone to clean it all up.  At most, I would probably do veggie and fruit platters and maybe cheese and crackers if you want some nibbles.

    Are you having a rehearsal?  Could you do BBQ for the rehearsal dinner?  Or throw a non-wedding related BBQ with your friends and family when the weather warms up a bit in May if you're somewhere where it isn't already super-hot in April.

  • Are you serving alcohol? That would definitely have a say in what type of food you serve. If the food is minimal and booze are involved go with something carb heavy or small but filling so people don't get too silly.
    Sam's club and BJ's have some cute phyllo apps that very reasonably priced. Hummus and veggies are cheap and filling. For my baby shower my Grandma ordered a ring sandwich from the grocery store, feeds 12-15 for meal or 25-30 for an app, it was only 35.00. Check out the deli section of your local grocery stores, they may have some good options that won't break the bank.
  • Keep the BBQ for the RD and stick with Cake/punch/cocktail post ceremony as it won't require everyone to stick around the remainder of the afternoon/evening once served...
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