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WP Drama! URG!

I hate drama, I run from it when I see it coming, except this time it's my wedding and I'm stuck in the middle and I hate it! FI's BM has been in our lives for the duration of our relationship (6 yrs) plus he's known FI since gradeschool. I'm frustrated b/c a couple that is in our bridal party shuns every opportunity they get to meet BM and his gf (who is going to be his FI very soon.)

I'm mostly frustrated b/c BM is reaching out and inviting them (not prompted by FI or me in any way) and he keeps getting denied, for no reason.

FI and I were both in this couple's wedding and we got to know the rest of the wedding party and even invited them for bbq's and stuff. Why is it so hard to return the favor? In all fairness to the couple, the BM half of the couple is willing to go, but it's her husband who drags his feet, and with them it's an all or nothing package.

Any way I guess it comes down to the fact that I don't want to have to choose between my friends, and I don't want FI to have to choose either. This whole thing is making me loose sleep and feel grumpy! (Sorry this was so long.)

Re: WP Drama! URG!

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    I'm sorry! The husband of your BM sounds kinda shiitty. I think your FI's BM is very nice to try and reach out to the wedding party. And it's too bad that you, and it kind of sounds like your BM are stuck in the middle. But your BM does have a voice and choice of her own. She's the one in the WP, she should have a little respect towards the BM wanting to get together, or whatever. Especially if it is wedding related and you guys did this for their wedding. I guess all you can do is maybe talk to her? Let her know that it's really bothering you? All you would like is for them to show up to at least one event? Would that put your mind at ease? I think maybe if she sees it's bothering you, maybe she'll smack her husband up side the head! God knows I would! Lol. But I think for your own peace of mind, you may have to speak with her. I really hope things work out! You shouldn't have to play peacemaker!  Good luck! Let us know what comes of it!! Smile
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    Sorry, that sucks and all I can say is I agree with Brandy.  Talk with the BM and tell her that you and your FI are being put in the middle because her DH is being a butt.  Maybe offer to have a GTG that involves ONLY the WP and no SOs?
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    That sucks.  What if you (as if you're not busy) hosted something.  Then maybe everyone would be more likely to come and meet each other?
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    i'm sorry sara! drama sucks! 
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