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Annoyed by Twigs!!

I don't know how many of you guys deal with them but I'm done with them. I went a couple Saturdays ago to meet with them. The guy was really sweet and I told him everything I wanted. He didn't give me any samples or show me anything which I thought was wierd but oh well. 15 min appointment which could have been done over the phone. He said he would email me in the evening. Saturday evening NOTHING.

Tuesday I call and he's on the phone so I ask the lady if he can call me back. NO CALL BACK. Call Tuesday evening and he has left for the day and won't be back until Thursday! She says she'll call his cell and ask him to call me. (I asked if she could do it but apparently she couldn't).. still NO CALL.

Thursday.. I get 5 pics. 4 are of regular white flowers and one with a blue. I told him I wanted more color and less white. I'm so annoyed. Has anyone else got this kind of treatment from them? They have great reviews and it just annoyed me to get this kind of treatment from a vendor that is already unnecessarily expensive.

Thanks for the vent

Re: Annoyed by Twigs!!

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    Aww I'm sorry that happened!  That is really frustrating!
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    Go with your gut... there are tons of florists out there that will LOVE your business!  :)
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    After that experience, I would find someone else who will give you better customer service.

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    Big Red Flag.

    Twigs may be an awesome florist, I don't know what their reasons are....but anyone who is bad at communication with you (and, more importantly, isn't listening to your wants) needs to be passed on.
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    I agree with Tiffany.
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    Yea I planned not to use them after Tuesdays no calls.. then once I got the emails. It was definately over. He didn't even say I'm sorry or anything, literally. The email only had the 6 pics..haha. I think I just need to vent; I was very frustrated.
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    You don't need to worry about whether this guy is going to pull it through for you in the end...there are a ton of florists out there who would love your business..If I called/met with a vendor and got no further response, I was gone.  I have a couple I wish I had cut loose earlier myself...
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    I had the same problem with Twigs. I went to the appointment and they showed me nothing. She handed me some magazines but no pictures of their actual work. She wrote down everything and got my quote to me quick. My problem was she had ALL the details wrong. She also had the wrong kind of flowers. She told me she had to research what flowers would be in season(RED FLAG) once she knew she picked what I did not want. She said she would get it right back to me and I never heard from her again.
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    Try Beverly's on South Cooper. They will show you flowers on the spot. Very good communication and they really listen to you and work withing your budget.
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    this is so opposite of the service i have received. i wonder if they have changed people who work there? the reason i say this... when i booked my wedding i worked with a really super nice LADY and you guys keep complaining about a GUY. i went in a few weeks ago to pay my balance and a guy was there in the office part (a young girl checked me out), and they had rearranged the place. then a guy called me this monday to ask me a question (to clarify) that i was in fact picking up ALL my flowers on friday. makes me wonder. hum.
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