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Theodore Wirth Chalet

My Fiance and I have booked the Chalet. We've visited a number of times and sometimes it's quite dirty, sometimes it's very clean. I just read a review from a couple that had their reception in June 2014 and said the chalet was a mess. Would it be worth hiring our own cleaning crew? Does anyone know what would be allowed? Window cleaning? Outdoor cleaning? Any suggestions would help. I do not want my family having to clean the place themselves.

Re: Theodore Wirth Chalet

  • I'd contact the people who oversee the park and/or their buildings/grounds department.  That is your best bet as they'll have the info for that. 
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    Hi there, I'm starting to plan for a fall 2016 wedding and I just fell in love with the Chalet. Have you gotten any more feedback or been in contact with the coordinator? I think I read the same review, and I'll be a little heartbroken if there's nothing you can do to guarantee it won't be a mess. I've already sort of got my heart set on it.
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