Day time Wedding and Dancing

I have always wanted that gorgeous Summer time wedding outside, but I also LOVE dancing, and I would like people to dance. I was recently told by a DJ that Day time Dancing doesn't occur very often. I got to thinking about it and I think he is right. I would rather dance in a dim lit room rather than bright outdoor sun awkwardly while people are talking. 

Am I freaking out, or is this true?

Its a July wedding, and my father doesn't want it going past dark. (Understandably) So Ceremony at 2 pm. 

HELP please. 

Re: Day time Wedding and Dancing

  • I think that whether people dance at a daytime wedding depends on the atmosphere and guests. Do you have any outgoing friends who would "get the party started"? Are you serving alcohol? (Nothing wrong with a dry wedding, of course, but in my experience, alcohol generally leads to more dancing at weddings). Will you have an actual dance floor/designated dancing area? 

    If you really want dancing and are concerned about the time of day, is there any chance of moving your ceremony back a little? In Oregon in July (at least in the northern part), the sun does not set until  8:45-9pm. So you could still have a "daytime" wedding that actually starts at, say, 4pm, and then you get the benefits of sunshine AND a later reception (which may mean more dancing).

    For the record, I'm getting married in Portland on 6/20, and the sun sets at 9:03 that day (yep, I checked). It will be light until 10pm.
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