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Very awkward situation

So my fiance and I have opted for a "no children" wedding for various reasons. We personally want our reception to be adult oriented, and want everyone to have a fun time, without worrying about babies crying (I know I sound bitchy). Sorry.

Anyways, my father's cousin has 2 young boys. I did not ask either one of them to be my ring bearer. My ring bearer is actually a little boy a few years younger to, and I grew up with his mother(she had him very young). Although I do not want to contradict myself, I do think he will be at the reception which is A Ok with me.

So I spoke with my father's cousin the other day, I called her to get someone's address for our save the dates. She responded about how happy she was and how excited she is that were getting married etc and that her older son (9 years old) keep asking if he's invited to the wedding, keeps asking questions about getting married, etc. She then says"so he really wants to come and i don't know if you guys want kids there but Ill let you know that I think hes a really good kid, etc and I don't want my younger son at your wedding ." I was dumbfouned at this. I then find out she said the same exact thing to my mother a few weeks previous.

This has put my whole family in an awkward situation as far as how to tell her that the boys are not invited.

Has anyone gone through something like this, and how did you handle it with class?

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Re: Very awkward situation

  • This happens to most people that that have an adults-only reception from what I've heard. There's always one person to think it doesn't apply to them. We're doing adults-only reception also, but have lots of people from out of town so we're supplying a babysitter. Have you sent out invites yet? I've seen people say "Adults-Only Reception to Follow." I know most people say not to do that, I agree- we didn't do that, but I have seen it. We put the names of the people invited on the envelope, and the reply said something along the lines of "the favor of your reply is requested on or before date," and then had the names of the people invited again, and then "___ of 2 decline" etc. Since you've already talked to her about it, I think you're going to need to just tell her like PP said. If she pushes you,  I'd just tell her (nicely, of course) that you and FI agreed on this and that it wouldn't be fair if you made exceptions. But do be ready if she gets upset or says that she isn't coming. Did your mom know it was adult-only when she talked to your mom? If not, I'd be sure your mom knows.

    And it's okay if the wedding party children are there, most people understand this "exception."

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