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Proposal Saturday Night

I'm still in shock about this, and my Facebook friends are probably tired of hearing about it. xD My boyfriend and I had discussed engagement before, and he told me he had plans - I picked my ring setting and he picked the diamond, but there was no further movement on it except that he let it slip he was planning to propose on Valentine's Day.

 So, I’m part of a fan group working on some stuff for a Dresden Files webseries, and 1/24 we had a photoshoot for our group and the entire cast was there. I showed up at 9am, as was my call, and had lots of photo stuff to do until around lunch, and then I sat there for four and a half hours bored out of my mind.  I hadn’t eaten breakfast because I had coffee and didn’t eat lunch because I didn’t like what was available, so finally around 4:30pm I realized I was getting really irritable so I took myself to Mcdonald’s. This whole time my boyfriend had been texting me about how miserably hung over he was after a late night at a work party. He lives in Seattle, I live in Denver. I told him I was getting food all grumpily and he asked if I was going back to the shoot. I said I didn’t want to, but I’d go back because I hadn’t asked if it was okay for me to head out. After I ate my food I was way overfull and since I was in my costume for my character who is very tomboy, I was feeling way self-conscious and boring compared to the gorgeous fae characters that all the other women were dressed for. I was grumbling at him via text.  Finally around six we had a full call for final shots and took a few quick group photos, and then the director let us know we had an audition coming in and passed out sides for one of my favourite scenes in the book series. We cold read it to prepare for the arrival of the auditioner. As we got to the end of the scene, he came strolling in in a gorgeous three-piece suit – mind you I thought he was SICK, in another STATE – and interrupted to say the guy who was cold reading with me wasn’t doing it right. He then restated one of the lines, and diverged into a brief speech, hit a knee, and proposed. Then my best friend, who had been colluding with him the whole time, handed me a bag with my favourite red dress and some sweet red heels and sent me to get changed and get my makeup fixed up because we had ‘dinner plans.’ I hopped in the car with my now-fiance, and we headed to a beautiful little winery/wine bar with gorgeous décor and sort of a rustic feel. Very classy. Of course inside were thirty of my friends with a bunch of bottles of wine and fantastic catered food, waiting for me to arrive to my own surprise engagement party. It was absolutely unbelievable. I’ve never had anyone put forth THIS much effort for ANYTHING for me. I’ve never had someone throw me a surprise party. I’ve never even imagined someone would put the time and effort into planning a proposal in ANOTHER STATE that he did. I could not have imagined anything better. I don’t even know if I can top this with a wedding.

So-- YAY! And -- EEK!


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