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Two showers in one day - would this be crazy?

TL;DR: Would it be nuts for me to co-host a brunch baby shower the morning of my own dinner-time bridal shower?

I am part of an extremely close group of 3 girlfriends. The other two (N and L) still live in our hometown, I moved halfway across the country 4 years ago. L is having a baby in May. N has very generously offered to host a bridal shower for me and a baby shower for L at N's house in our hometown. L will be co-hosting my bridal shower, and I will (probably... keep reading) be co-hosting L's baby shower. Invitations for my shower went out yesterday, hers will hopefully be going out this week (we're still waiting for some addresses from her).

Here's the problem - originally the gameplan was to have both showers in one weekend. My bridal shower as a dinner (a BBQ at N's house) and L's as a brunch (also at N's house). We gave L some dates and she said any of them worked for her and she didn't have a preference. So we started making plans to have the showers on April 4 and April 5. Then today, N and I were talking and realized that April 5 is Easter. L had never brought it up when we asked her for dates and N and I had never thought of it until today.

We're really concerned that people won't come to a brunch shower on Easter, but N has already put down deposits on a lot of rentals (tent, chairs, tables, etc.) assuming that she'd rent for 2 days and use them for both showers. Also, I can't afford to fly out a second time for L's baby shower, but I would be so disappointed to miss it. She's my first friend to have a baby, so it's a really exciting time for all of us. Since N has already sent the invites for my shower, we can't just pick a different weekend to do our saturday-sunday plan. 

Then N floated the idea of having both showers on the same day. Mine will be in the evening, so we're thinking about having L's at 10am as a brunch shower as originally planned, just on Saturday instead of Sunday. The only overlap in the guest list, besides L, N, and myself, would be two friends (one of whom also lives out of town and might not even make it to either). N was mostly concerned that I wouldn't get my "own" day, but I told her I would be much more concerned that I would miss L's baby shower if we didn't do it this way.

Would this be completely nuts? 

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Re: Two showers in one day - would this be crazy?

  • Never mind - moot point. When N asked L if she was ok doing them both on the same day, L said no. So now I mostly feel terrible that whatever weekend she ends up having it, I won't be able to help N with L's shower :(

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  • That's a bummer. I didn't think it sounded too crazy, since the overlap was minimal. But it's bound to be a long, tiresome day for a pregnant lady.

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