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Companies that provide shuttle service for guests?

marie2785marie2785 member
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Does anyone have any recommendation for companies that  provide shuttle service from the hotel to the church, church to reception site, and then the reception site to the hotel? For my out of town guests, I'd like to provide them an option so they don't need to rent a car or drink and drive. My hotel/church/reception site are within 1-2 miles of each other on the Bloomfield/Pontiac border if that helps. 

I've contacted Metro Motor Coach who has so far provided me the best deal (~95/hr), and Millennium (~$200/hr), which was quite expensive. These were the recommendations my hotel gave me. 

Re: Companies that provide shuttle service for guests?

  • Our shuttle is built into our hotel block, but the company is called Allways Transportation.  The price is prorated depending how many hotel rooms get booked, but the max price is $260 for 2 hours at the beginning of the night plus 2 hours at the end of the night (so 4 hours total).  I'm not sure if that is a discount rate because of the hotel block, but can't hurt to give them a call.  Here's their link:  http://allwaystransportation.com/Home.php

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