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TGIF & updates

I needed this Friday day! And this weekend to have FI home.

Update on makeup trial: I liked the makeup & I love the m.artist so I'm pleased, and she said she is def good at putting extensions in so I'm going to look for them in Sally Beauty next weekend.

FI says we have to accept that this is the dynamic of the relationship w/his parents and it's not going to change (he took the day off from work yday just to try to sort it out in his own mind) so this weekend we're supposed to go over and rake leaves for them or something to make our penance for being wrong (ugh. this one makes my stomach turn. but he's right it's not going to change so we have to flow with it or there will always be rifts and extra stress).

I decided yesterday to sell my veil & buy a shorter one, a blusher. I always wanted to have a blusher and idk why I got caught up in the dress shop with the matching veil the saleswoman gave me. To which FI says "you have to stop getting caught up like that" and I'm saying "That's what happens @ weddings!"

Re: TGIF & updates

  • Yep, I've been talked into a lot of things, but mostly things I want. :)

    Good for you for coming to peace with your FI's family.  There's nothing you can do about it really.

    I don't have many updates, just that I'm going to make those darn caramel favors this weekend and I'm going to start working out just about every day from here on out. 


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  • The flowers are set! I can't wait to see them. I bought thank you gifts for 3 of my 4 bridesmaids for the shower tomorrow. On of them, the FI sister isnt making the 4 hour trip home because she can't afford the gas. Still not sure if the mil is coming to the shower either.
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  • so glad you love your make-up!!!  YAY!
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