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Nevada-Las Vegas

Picking up wedding certificate?

Hi all,

We are coming from the UK to get married at Caesars Palace on the 1st December. After the wedding we are going to California and Hawaii for 15 nights and return to Vegas for 1 night before flying back to the UK.

Can I pick up our wedding certificate from the License Bureau on those 2 days I am back in Vegas or does it have to be done online? I just hear horror stories here in the UK about the driving license and passport agencies losing wedding certificates all the time so I was hoping to pick up like 5 copies when I am back in Vegas for that 1 night. I don't want to delay getting my new passport as we are going away a few months after we get back and I want to book that trip in my married name :)

Thanks everyone 

Re: Picking up wedding certificate?

  • We just got our license this past Thursday and were told you can order just online, 10 days after your wedding. I believe it is all an online automated service. Maybe you can get an online order in during your time on the west coast (sounds fab btw) and at least get the order/shipping process started straight away?
  • I'm coming from the UK too and from what I've read online you can collect your certificate (or a few copies) 2 days after the wedding. We get married on a Thurs so I have my fingers crossed I can collect mine on the Monday before going home. You can order them online but don't know if I trust getting them mailed to the UK!
  • Does anyone know if you need to give notice of marriage in the uk before you marry in vegas?
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  • Thanks all :)

    Sasalew, that's how I read that too - fingers crossed you get yours! I want it in my hands before flying home - when do you get married? 

    No you don't Lauren, I did think this too at the beginning! :)
  • Do you have to pay extra to get your wedding certificate turned around so quickly? The way I read it on the website via the link you provided is that the officiant can basically do the paperwork whenever they like as long as it's within 10 working days of the marriage which doesn't guarentee they will do it the day of the wedding or the immediate day after (hell if I were them with lots of weddings to officiate I probably would let a few stack up and then file the paperwork all in one go). Unless I'm reading it really wrongly.

    I'm sure I have seen on other forums that people have had marriage certificates mailed to them from the US to the UK without much problems. I suppose it's like waiting for your new passport, you just have to hope you won't be the unlucky one. Although it does look like you can re order copies at anytime online should you need them.

    Do we need an apostille copy of the marriage certificate for the UK?
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