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Listing Vegetarian Option

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My reception venue offers a vegetarian option with all food packages.  I called yesterday to ask specifically what the option will be for my July wedding.  The venue told me that vegetarian options are chosen seasonally and chef's choice.   Basically, I will not know what the vegetarian option is until June when we finalize our menu.

How do I list the vegetarian option on my RSVP?  I have a few vegetarians attending.

Re: Listing Vegetarian Option

  • LtPowersLtPowers Upstate New York member
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    Most commonly, it's just listed as "Vegetarian meal" or even just "Vegetarian". In much the same way that one doesn't have to list exactly how a beef or chicken option is being prepared, one can just state the basic type of cuisine.

  • JoanE2012JoanE2012 Exit 21 (Jersey!) member
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    I'd just list it as vegetarian.  Does your venue stick to strict meal selections?  Or do they just use it as a guide?  Ours just used it as a general guide and came around tableside the day of to take orders.  So if someone changed their mind (or, in your case, saw the vegetarian option and preferred it) they could.  Just an option to consider.
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