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July 2010 Weddings

Help a former July 2010 Knottie!

I am friends on FB with a former July 2010 knottie.  She used to post on here (as did I) but then she changed her wedding date until April 2011 for whatever reason.  Here is the reason why I post for her today......

Her FI was involved in an accident on May 15 that left him seriously brain damaged.  I have followed their story ‎(http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/scottagnew) on caringbridge and facebook and have been so touched by this couple's relationship. She has been by his side on the days that he didn't even know anyone was in the room right up until now when he is finally awake and talking.  I'm sure that Scott still has a long way to go, but with any luck they will be married in April!

Scott is coming home from the hospital next Weds and Emily wants to fill his home with cards and balloons.  Here is where you can help.  If you are able to, send a Get Well Soon or Welcome home card to Scott.  They are a religious family (christian, i think) so if you share that faith and wan to purchase a religious card or share a prayer with them, I know it would be appreciated.  BTW the address is NOT a home address and was given to me by Emily.  TIA

Scott Agnew
2760 East WT Harris Blvd. Suite 200
Charlotte, NC 28213

Re: Help a former July 2010 Knottie!

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