Flowers from New Seasons

Has anyone used them for their flowers? Experience? Cost? Pics?


Re: Flowers from New Seasons

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    I haven't used them for a wedding but I have been to both the LO and Division store and ordered bouquets for other events.  Both were very tasteful and reasonably priced.

    Some of the locations used to be Sammy's Florals but I'm not sure if that's still the case.  Sammy's is great.
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    I'm considering using them for centerpieces for our july wedding.  so much more reasonable than a florist!  i'm also thinking of going to the farmers market for our bouquet flowers.  I just can't stomach spending thousands on flowers...  i'd rather spend it on booze and dessert! :)
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    New Seasons has been great to work with- especially in a pinch.  I got some gorgeous peonies from them at the last minute when faced with a shortage from another vendor (and they threw in the buckets so I could transport them).  Their prices are definitely reasonable, and they have great relationships with local growers which is becoming more and more important to a lot of folks.

    They would definitely be worth checking out!

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