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Our neighbors are freaking weird

I am so freaking bored so I'll share this stupid story from the weekend.

Saturday morning, I'm doing stuff around the house and get a text message from younger SIL. She never texts me. Like the last text I got from her was like a year ago. Everyone in DH's family knows he doesn't answer texts or calls in a timely manner so they go through me if it is really important.

She asks me if there is an orange ball in our yard because our neighbors think they threw it over the fence accidentally. She's friends with our neighbors so I thought maybe she was at their house.

But she wasn't. Our neighbors literally called/texted her to contact us about this damn ball. Like walking out the door and knocking on our door was too much. DH knows them as well- he's met them a few times and has talked to them so it isn't like we are complete strangers. I just find this so fucking weird.

Re: Our neighbors are freaking weird

  • that is weird. do you have a giant high fence topped with broken glass so they can't come over and get it themselves?
  • No, just razor wire that's electrified. The usual suburban fence set up.
  • 0Face0Face member
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    I think you should mail a ransom letter for said ball.  Even if you don't have it. 

    Liven up the neighborhood.
  • ftrMrs0 said:

    I think you should mail a ransom letter for said ball.  Even if you don't have it. 

    Liven up the neighborhood.

    Ha.  Can you imagine if you did that in @6fsn's neighborhood?!  
  • You're risking the cops showing up, @6fsn
  • MesmrEweMesmrEwe member
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    edited March 2015

    LOL - We've got interesting neighbors here too...  No need to "Hi I'm considering buying the house next door" when the guy has 13 washing machines in the front yard, you know they aren't going to complain about whatever you do in your yard..

    You never know - if they don't have your number programmed into the phone chances are they thought of her first...   Heck, turns out my neighbor lost my number last fall when his phone broke and when I saw him last week he told me about it (we don't talk a lot, but we're neighborly when we do see each other)...

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