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RSVPify vs Greenvelope vs Other Paperless Invite/RSVP sites

Hello everyone!

I am a bride on a serious budget and planning a wedding in LA is no joke. I have had a lot of problem with sending and receiving mail and I want to save some money by doing online invites and RSVPs. I also really like the idea of how organized everything will be all in one database. 

With that said, I have been doing a lot of research. Has anyone used RSVPify, Greenvelope or any other site to send out online invites. I don't want to use e-vite, I'd like it to be a lot nicer looking than that while saving money and not having to deal with the post office. 

Thank you in advance!!


Re: RSVPify vs Greenvelope vs Other Paperless Invite/RSVP sites

  • The Knot actually has an RSVP place that guests can respond if you set up a website (which is free). Haven't used it for my wedding yet but have responded to a couple other friends weddings in the past and haven't had an issue.
    Hope you get it all worked out :)
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