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I feel like the luckiest bride in the world. My best friend has been so amazing through the wedding stuff and she got married last summer so she's super helpful! For her bachelorette last year we all took off for Vegas for 4 days, it was a blast and we were all coming from different locations so a destination worked well for everyone. This summer she is planning a wine tasting trip to Sonoma for 4 days for mine and I am SO EXCITED! She knows I love wine and once again, the girls are all spread out so it makes sense to all meet up somewhere fun! It has been one heck of a year so far so I can't wait to get down there and relax with the ladies :)

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Re: MOH Brag - Bachelorette

  • We live in three different states, it was the same thing for her so to even do an evening in a state someone lives in would only save that one person a flight. Instead we just like to plan a girls vacation, we don't see each other as much as we would like so it's just a bonus to be able to get together! My group just loves to travel, we are spread out, and we all have jobs that pay well enough to allow us to afford long weekends away so I feel very lucky. 

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