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when is the proper time to send out shower invites?

My mom sent out my shower invites a month in advance. I was told today that some people made comments to my future mother in law that the invites should have been sent out earlier, they already made plans for that day. I thought a month ahead of time was plenty of notice, am I wrong? What is the proper time frame to send them out? The comment just annoyed me slightly so I had to ask.

Re: when is the proper time to send out shower invites?

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    What your Mom did was perfectly fine.

    The people being shitty need to get over it.  You can't please everyone.

    poodledoodleooo[Deleted User]levioosa
  • With the title of your thread, I was going to say 4 weeks. So your mom was right on target.

    WEDDING invitations are sent 6-8 weeks in advance. Whoever is talking junk to your FMIL sounds like a drama queen. Just ignore it.

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  • A month is plenty of notice for invites but it's generally wise to check with VIPs before setting the shower date.
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