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tan lines.. please help!

Hi everyone!  So I am only having my bestfriend stand up for me as maid of honour. We chose a dress but then she went out and bought a different one that has sleeves (!!) because she's going to florida a few weeks before the wedding on a golfing vacation and doesn't want her tan lines to show on the sleeveless dress we originally bought.  The new dress is lovely if you're going out for dinner or even to the theatre... but it's NOT a bridesmaid dress.   I really want her to wear the origignal dress but she's right that it will look bad with tan lines.  

What do all you southern or summer brides do about tanlines on yourselves and bridesmaids?  I don't want to make her go to tanning salon because i don't want her to get a funny looking tan.

Any suggestions would be helpful!!
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Re: tan lines.. please help!

  • vexievexie member
    Thanks for the imput ladies!   I've never used the self-tanner personally (have heard and seen horor stories of streaky orangeness lol)... but a co-worker did suggest a spray-on tan.  Has anyone ever tried this?  They said it looked natural, was safe and didn't rub off on clothes....   sounds like a great solution if that's true.
    84image 73image 11image Wedding date: June 11, 2011 :)
  • I say, sun block and  tube tops. Not ideal for golfing, but if she's really concerned..its just a thought. The bolero jacket is also another good option.

    I have a wedding a month after mine that I'm in and I know I don't want tan lines.  So on my honeymoon, I'm wearing all tube top stuff so that I don't get a random tan line.

    Just another option.
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