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January 2011 Weddings

anyone else going mad?

venue salesperson is a ditz. for example, she keeps spelling FI's name wrong and i've corrected her like 15 times and i'm scared something like the ice sculpture is going to be misspelled! 

DJ freaked me out by asking if he's arriving in Bedminster. 1- this is where my parents USED to live, 2- not getting ready at my parents' house, 3- he then asked if it would be at the Chatham UMC. thought it was made clear that the whole wedding will be in one location. at Meadow Wood Manor.

florist has been MIA. assume because of Christmas, but still, haven't gotten a revised quote from her yet... and it's like, do you want a deposit or not?? are you doing my wedding? do you realize it's in less than 2 weeks??

mens wearhouse screwed up vests, and then "jokingly" blamed me. went to one last month, asked if i could get a swatch of vests for groom (GM are all picked) that weren't just paper (cuz those are completely inaccurate) and she said she'd order in the ones i wanted to compare. a few weeks go by and theyre not in yet. sh tells me they're not going to be in til Christmas (why didn't she call me?) but a nearby store has the ones i'm looking at so go there. so i went and found the one i like, said this is what i want for the groom, and THANK GOD i stop in today to check how things are going and she informs me that it's 1- the wrong color, 2- assigned to GM and not FI. and she said "this is your fault you were supposed to call me to confirm" jokingly i assume... but i said "sorry, I didn't realize the other saleswoman wouldn't know the name of the color i pointed out and not listen when i say it's for the groom..."

MOH has skating practice the morning of my wedding (assistant skating coach) which i just learned last month. i asked her if she'd be at the hotel by 7 (wedding is at 11, photographer coming to venue @9:30) and she's not sure. she'd volunteered prior to help BM hair & makeup. i'm trying not to freak out about this amongst other things, but my mom isn't helping. worrying about this and weather.

i'm trying to tell myself everything will be ok, it's the actual marriage that matters... but several of these things involve potential waste of money, or people/things looking sloppy. or not showing.

p.s. sorry i'm terrible at responding in my previous posts. as i'm sure you're all aware, time is very limited! also TK is a pain and doesn't take me directly to the link to respond (i dont know and i can't spend energy figuring it out right now).

i just want to fast forward with everything magically happening the way they're supposed to. and they lived happily ever after. the end.

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"Here we stand from two distant lands, brought together by His hand" <3 my Aussie <BR>

Re: anyone else going mad?

  • I'm going mad too!
    Our florist is a ditz and is unorganized.
    Our DOC said she would have our day of schedule by last week.
    One of my BMs is being immature and because we're not doing the whole "plus one thing" is treatening to not come to the wedding.
    One of the GMs can't get his sh** together.
    Had to let everyone know there was a problem with our curent venue and had to find a new one. Half of our guest have yet to respond on what kind of food they want.
    And we have yet to recieve a few RSVPs.

    I'm with you on fast forwarding.
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  • Just got back from basically a two week Christmas vacation, which was great, but put me further behind on everything wedding related.
    I'm worried about getting everything done, yet I can't seem to find motivation either... :P
    I think I may be getting sick. I've had a sore throat for the past few days and a cough that won't seem to go away. :(
    Oh, and I'm slightly pissed at my mom because she left me a nasty (and unwarranted) voicemail. Grr.
    So yeah, I'm kinda all over the board right now.

  • ...yes oh yes!
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  • I'm the unorganized ditz here!
    I still need to turn in the sheet for the DJ.
    The veil isn't quite....right so I need a new veil or I'm going to look like a hot mess. I can't figure out where to get a spanish veil before Jan 9th.
    I still need to call the cake place to confirm
    We need to make the final payments on the venue
    I have to go to Safeway and make sure the lady remembers me and does the flowers, which I have to pay for.
    Just way too much to think about right now.
  • I am the lost one here! Way to much to do and not enough time in the day to get it together. I am working on the program for the wedding which is about 20 pages long and my FI wants to make all of these changes!!! AHHHHH
    We have been through three caterers in the past few days and I still do not have a confirmed caterer. Is my wedding really 17 days away!!! What the %*%#()*Q(). I think that I am loosing it.
    I snapped my friends head off the other day. My BM who is getting married in March(I'm a BM in her wedding) wants me to do a bunch of stuff for her wedding  at night when it is the only time that I have to work on my wedding stuff. AHHHH I am one person and I just cannot do it all.
    God help me keep it together for I fear a major meltdown coming and it seems almost uncontrollable at this point in time. Cry

    This turned into a vent and that was not my intention at all.

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  • I feel like I'm completely losing my mind with all things WR! Hopefully things calm down now that Christmas is over, but I have a feeling it will just be crazy from here on out!
  • All vents welcome in this post!

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    "Here we stand from two distant lands, brought together by His hand" <3 my Aussie <BR>
  • Just tell yourself it will be ok. Things will work out. Maybe I have a different frame of mind right now cuz I'm only three day's away but really I was freaking out weeks ago and now I just want to get married to the love of my life and what ever happen's that day will be a memory good or bad I will take it cuz I have my love and he make's me happy. Good luck and it will all work out. Just be strong with these people and don't take any crap from them..... It's your day....
  • oh, and i'm just getting over being sick (second time in less than two months, gr), and i'm PRAYING that i don't get sick again for the wedding. i'm trying to be as zen and stress-free as possible so i don't ruin the best day of my life with a fever and/or stuffy nose and/or cough. :-/
  • oh yea, not to mention I've picked up smoking again because of all this stress. Which does not help when you are whitening your teeth.
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  • Yes, OUr wedding planner doesnt tell me anythign! I have no clue if our caterer is even booked and our wedding is 1 month from today. I don't want to bother her cause I know she is a pro but an update everyonce in a while would be nice!

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  • yup.  all of my groomsmen just informed me that they are refusing to rent tuxes for my black tie wedding b/c they all have their own.  yeah black is black when it comes to tuxes but its the only thing i have asked of them.  and FI totally backed them and not me.  not happy. 
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  • ahhhh....so glad to hear i am not alone....my thoughts are a mile a minute!!!
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