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Which State to Get Married In??

I have a large, extended family - first cousins and some great-aunts/uncles who I am very close to, I saw most of them at least once a month while growing up. They are mostly located around Lincoln/Omaha Nebraska, where I grew up. 

FI has a small family, and they all live within about 30 minutes of each other outside of Denver, where he is from. Currently, we are living with his parents to save money for a house/wedding/etc.

I was not one of those girls who had eeverything planned about her wedding, but I had always imagined getting married in my home church in Lincoln, where my parents and grandparents were married. The problem is that it is unlikely his three living grandparents would be able to make it back to Lincoln for the wedding. On the other hand, I have a few great-aunts/uncles who would not be able to travel to Colorado, and it's hard to imagine them not being there either. Also, less of my extended family in general would be able to make it with travel and such.

Any advice/thoughts?

Re: Which State to Get Married In??

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    You need to discuss this with your FI.  What are his thoughts?  What about your parents?  And your other VIP guests?

    In the end, whatever you decide, there will be people who can't make it to your wedding.  Does that suck?  Yes, but it is just how it is.

    You and your FI need to decide what is best for you in regards to location and planning purposes.

  • We had families living far away from each other, too. We ended up choosing to have the wedding in my home state because: 

    1) my family is massive and he really only has a handful of family members. 
    2) we live in my home state so planning was easier (even though we chose a city a few hours away)

    So our decision was based on how many people would have to travel and convenience for us. Two of his three living grandparents decided not to make the trip due to distance, so they missed the wedding. We were bummed but that's what happens when everyone isn't local.

    Y'all will just have to talk things out and make a decision. Keep in mind that neither of your families are "more important" than the other.

  • I would also keep in mind a budget in addition to the issues you mentioned and PP's advice.   I would think that you may be able to get more for your money getting married in NE vs. Denver.  Maybe not going to make the decision for you as family is super important, but just something to keep in mind.  
  • I understand that you want to get married where some of your family has, but given the unique circumstances, maybe you could find a venue that is located half way between your hometowns.
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