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Hi All,

My fiance and I are looking for an officiant in the Atlanta area for our wedding in October. We have been looking very actively but have two challenges: 

1) We live in Cincinnati and consequently haven't attended church in Atlanta in over 5 years.
2) We want a traditional wedding ceremony but aren't getting married in the church (rather outside). However, my fiance is Catholic and I am from an Episcopal background so our values and traditions are pretty close.

The trouble we are having is finding someone who genuinely performs traditional weddings. We don't really want to go the universal minister route as we feel it doesn't align as well with our faith. We are pursuing some avenues at various churches we use to attend but aren't having much luck. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks for the help in advance and please point me to another similar post and response if it already exists.

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    Have you considered contacting the Atlanta Episcopal Diocese?

    If you're a regular church-goer in Cincinnati you could always have someone from your local clergy write a letter of recommendation for you or help you get in touch with someone in Atlanta to perform your ceremony.

    I know the Catholic church will not perform the Rite of Marriage ceremony outside of a church, not sure on the Episcopal Church's stance on that. But anyway, I linked the diocese up above. Maybe you can find someone to get in touch with through the site. Good luck!

  • Thanks for the idea we will reach out to them!
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