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Re: @baconsmom

  • That's our school system. 

    Bacon's in a charter, so we don't have quite the same rules, but they're big on the "healthy" thing. If you send in snacks for the class, they have to be "healthy" and individually wrapped. Nothing homemade, ever. No sweets. It's absurd. 
  • The letter the school sent home is the most ridiculous thing.  

    If they have potatoes, there has to be bread too?  Peanut butter is an 'unhealthy snack'?  

    So much WTF-ness. 
  • 6fsn6fsn member
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    Peanut butter isn't a healthy snack?

    What the heck with the potato and bread thing? 

    Are they trying to just force people to buy?  I've seen what our school district serves.  Even with the pudding cup I put in 6let's lunch Tuesday he was still eating something healthier.

  • Well, it's the government. It's not like those people are known for their brilliance, is it? 

    We just ignore it. When Bacon was younger, they had snacktime, and they tried to do the whole "it has to be healthy" thing. I told her to pack what she wanted, and have them call me if there was a problem. It never was. 

    I like how the mom in the story is all, "She's not fat, what's their issue?" Like, seriously? Even if the kid is fat, Oreos are not going to cause an instant heart attack and diabetes and bad knees. Two Oreos. TWO. 

  • If they have potatoes, there has to be bread too?

    That didn't make a lick of sense to me.  Maybe if you send a potato roll, it counts for both?  ;)
    6fsn said:

    Even with the pudding cup I put in 6let's lunch Tuesday he was still eating something healthier.

    That's funny because just last night I was packing DD's lunch and second-guessed her pudding pouch for a hot minute.  I will occasionally toss in a fruit snack for her afternoon snack, but only because she loves them so.  And she gets a second (healthy) snack when she arrives at DC, so it's not like her only food between lunch and dinner.  And even that's pretty infrequent, as she will readily tell you given even the tiniest opening.   
    baconsmom said:

    Nothing homemade, ever. 

    We've had the homemade rule since DD started in DC, and they attributed it to all the food allergies--they need a printed ingredient list to check and see who can have what.  It made me a little sad, because my mom used to make the best birthday treats evar.  Now DD gets some storebought cupcakes, the end.
  • Well, now they get nothing from me, because I don't want to spend my money on individually-wrapped treats for 60 kids (they put the two grade classes together for celebrations). I mean, that's a fortune! 

    Luckily, they don't do birthdays or holiday stuff, so it doesn't come up very often, and I figure there are plenty of other people to pick up the slack. Need more school supplies? Sure, I can spare some reams of printer paper and whiteboard markers. But 60 individual muffins (NO CUPCAKES!)? Forget it! 
  • *Barbie**Barbie* member
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    edited April 2015
    we had the commercially produced thing since day 1 for the same reason as Heffa (food allergies), but they only started the "send a healthy snack" crusade this past year. alternate suggestions were canned fruit cups with googly eyes glued on, (unsharpened) pencils, bananas with googly eyes glued on the peel, or individual bags of baby carrots. i thought the whole thing was so ridiculous that I didn't even bother sending anything in. (i don't have stock in googly eyes, and i was not about to spend hours gluing them on to various fruits or vegetables.)
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