help!!!!!! please!!!!

So I need some serious help. I got engaged a little over a month ago and just started the wedding planning process..omg..this is so hard and stressful. I have spent the last 4 weeks looking and asking around for a wedding venue.. I am having an ethnic wedding.. (a ghanaian wedding to be exact) ...my parents and future in laws will not allow for me to have an invite only reception so that means I am having an open wedding we really dont have much money to spend so I need help. At this point I am looking for a large empty venue in the Maryland, Washington dc area that can hold 450 to 520 plus people (seated dinner) that has great parking and allows outside catering. I am really looking for an empty large space...that doesn't do a per head count....but will just charge me for the facility space...because I really don't know and will not know the exact number of my guest till the day of my wedding. .if anyone has any ideas please help....if you of a place...please help...please..

Re: help!!!!!! please!!!!

  • There's a fair ground in Fredrick, MD that I believe does that. I don't know how much it is though. It does allow outside catering. Don't bother with DC, there is NOTHING that is a reasonable price. For me, reasonable price is under $5000 for the venue itself because you'd have to rent tables/chairs/dinnerware, etc. Look up community centers too.
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