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Honeymoon ideas for the pale and sunburn-prone?


Re: Honeymoon ideas for the pale and sunburn-prone?

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    We're booked for 8 days on Oahu, and I'm still shopping for sun hats and coverups. <3

    And larrygaga, you go to a TANNER?! Also being a natural redhead, I have found these so-called tanning beds to actually be insta-burn beds, and I always revert to pale after burning. I am a little jealous of this "base tan" you speak of. (I did have a sunburn turn into a tan once when I was 12, but it blistered and peeled first. Not worth it.)
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  • Chiming in as another incredibly pale person who loves a tropical vacation - don't rule it out!  Like PPs have said, sunscreen is your best friend.  I use Blue Lizard (http://www.bluelizard.net/pages/about-us) which is awesome but I usually need to order it online (Walgreens has it on their website but not usually in stores).  However, they don't have a spray version which I think is the most convenient on the beach - I HATE reapplying lotion sunscreens on the beach - sand gets all in it, ICK.  So I usually apply the lotion before going out and then pack the spray bottle with me - Neutrogena or Coppertone SPF 50 are my go-tos.

    Other than that, big cute floppy hats and umbrellas are your friends.  I am particularly fond of palapas with chair-side cocktail service. ;)

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    If you want a beach vacation, take a beach vacation. DH and I are very pale, burn easily, and are fairly hyper, so it's more for our hyperness that we chose not to do the beach getaway. Figured we'd get bored and burned. 

    But let me also highly recommend Lake Como, Italy. Beautiful lake in the mountains, quite romantic, cost effective (compared to other parts of Europe- and the Euro/Dollar conversion is favorable right now!).  Get a hotel with a nice pool and you can still have your laying out in the sun time while also relaxing in quaint villages, eating great food. 

  • I've been described as translucent but when we went to maui for a week I went through 3-4 bottles of sunscreen for my body and 1 face sunscreen/bb cream (dr jart premium is spf 45 so if you use it you'll need to reapply frequently). I reapplied every hour and stayed by the umbrella and wore a huge hat. I will say don't forget your hair part even if you have a hat on. I forgot it and while in the ocean and pool without a hat I burned my saclp so badly it hurt to brush my hair for days. You'll be fine if you take precautions and stick to a sunscreen plan have fun in Oahu!
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    A few other things to think about as a fellow redhead (and ps I hate reapplying on the beach because sand+sunscreen=exfoliant, and I have sensitive skin). When I was in Hawaii I wore board shorts (knee length) and a UV surf shirt at all times. Not super sexy but it cut down on my exposed skin area (I also looked like I "belonged" because of my surf wear lol). I just got back from a gulf vacay (whaaaat) and I only got burned while playing tennis because I went unprepared (I got roped into playing when I thought I'd just be watching). Did a couple things to help myself out:
    Prep work- bathing suit goes on, sunscreen goes on. Immediately. Especially important to full on prep if you are going to be out on the water (kayaking, surfing).
    Limiting time out- we aren't "spend all day on the beach" people anyways, but we would break up an hour or two on the beach with a break to go to a bar or similar.
    Skip high noon- I may be a wimp but I really didn't understand the fun of baking during the noon to three hours- it was extra hot and extra miserable. We would generally go out at around 4-5 which meant that people were generally leaving as we got there (abandoning ideal spots) and that we were forcing limited sun time on ourselves. I spent the mornings at a conference, but there's a lot of other things to do that aren't sun activities, especially in Hawaii (Pearl Harbor, hiking, biking, shopping, people watching, museums, cool places to eat, etc).
    HATS- don't forget to bring MORE THAN ONE HAT. You need the floppy hat but you also need a secure baseball cap for any sort of activity where there will be wind (biking and kayaking). I forgot the baseball cap this weekend and my scalp now hates me.
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