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When do guests book

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Ok so my wedding is in 59 days. We have 70 guests who say they are attending. However, less than 10% have booked hotels or flights. I would love to be optimistic, but I really feel like this is going to be a disaster. I'm working under the assumption that travel expenses are going to increase as time draws closer. My question is, when do most guests book their trip for destination weddings. I thought maybe 3 months prior. But clearly I'm wrong?

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  • I literally had to call EVERY person again to make sure they were attending. Quite a few (15+) people who initially RSVPd yes and then said they didn't have the money. Yes this was SUPER annoying but I had to call them all to make sure I had the appropriate space for everyone. 
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    I generally never book airfare for Vegas until 6 weeks out (tends to be the cheapest time for flights), but I'll usually jump on hotel once I know the dates.

    I do agree with @hmgiffor, though. Call everyone. It's the only way you'll get a straight answer.
  • Well I've tried to contact the people I'm really unsure about. But they are avoiding me in a sense. Like, I've sent messages that they have read but not responded.

    I heard of the 6 week idea before... Maybe I'll revisit the issue next week at the 6 week mark.
  • Honestly I wouldn't worry about it; people hate being nagged.  We had about five or six people cancel within the ten days before the wedding, and we had one cancel via a facebook message 24 hours in advance, which is the only one that actually pissed me off, but we didn't have any no shows.  We'd have been paying the same amount regardless of how many people showed up since it would have been too late to change anything, so I didn't ask anyone if they had booked.

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  • We had a couple no shows and several cancel within a couple weeks/days (and one who all of a sudden wanted to come but then couldn't afford it). I would say wait until you are closer....
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    Well, here's the biggest thing. I'm super pissed because I spent $3k more last month solely to accommodate for a larger guest count. Now if these people flake then I'm going to be so annoyed!!!

    I also have some guests who originally declined but now want to attend. The only way they will be able to attend is if someone cancels. While I want to assist them, I'm not stressing myself over that.
  • For domestic travel most people don't book flights until 1-2 months out, I wouldn't pester folks until about a month out (your final headcount shouldn't be due to the venue until at least 14 days out).

    One of the sucky things about planning a big event is the unknown of how many people will accept the invite.  I know it feels shitty to have to commit to a space big enough for your entire guest list, but it's better to risk not needing all the space you have than risk not having enough space for everyone who comes.
  • Great, well that gives me some hope! I'm just super organized and book everything super early! 1-2 months sounds good.
  • I'm right at 6 weeks out and we *just* had the best man confirm that he was coming. Like, wasn't even sure until now. Most people by 6 weeks out can see if their PTO has been approved or if they can really afford it. Give it another week or 2, then give them the "no for real I need to know" phone call. Good luck!!
  • I'm at 2 months out and most of my guests are only just now starting to look for flights and book rooms. But I set my RSVP deadline kind of early so that I had a week to call people who hadn't responded.
  • Our "best" man flaked 2 months out...luckily we have an amazing friend who stepped in to be the other groomsman. @caesarsbride15..I would just prepare yourself for if not everyone shows. We booked for 55 people (and locked in the contract) and we ended up having I think 40. Luckily Platinum is AMAZING and let us use the money towards some upgrades including an open bar during our meet & greet. I know it is super shitty but don't let it get you down :) 
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  • I'm at about 5 weeks out (!!!), and lots of friends haven't booked flights or hotels yet. RSVP's are still streaming in, so I'm going to wait a few weeks before contacting everyone and asking them what's up. I'm allowed to change the contracted number of guests for each of my venues 5 days before the event, so I'm not too stressed about it. If someone hasn't booked anything by that point, they aren't coming, haha. 
  • Just curious how you know they haven't booked flights/ hotels. Did you ask them to notify when they did?
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  • I had a room block so I could see who booked flights. As we got closer to the cutoff for the room blocks, I reached out to people to ask if they had booked somewhere else or hadn't booked at all. Most that didn't book weren't coming but hadn't RSVPd. 
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  • I touch base with my closest friends and family pretty often, and last I checked, lots of them were still looking. A quick Facebook message asking how their plans are going should do the trick. 
  • It comes up in conversation. Sometimes I casually ask. Most times they bring it up. Our wedding comes up quite frequently when talking to family and friends.
  • i would just start talking about wedding plans and getting excited for the vacation in vegas then directly ask my friends - "Are yall able to make it?" "Have you booked your flight/hotel yet?"

    When I knew that they did, I kept all flight and hotel info in an excel spreadsheet. I only have about 32ish coming and most are couples so it was pretty easy. We have a rental van and most people are coming in on the same few southwest flights (most of us are from the same city) so we are trying to pick friends up from the airport when we can. Saves $$ for them, welcomes friends to the party, and I plan to give them the welcome bag at that point too.
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