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Hi - I'm the maid of honor in my friend's wedding. Myself and the matron of honor are hosting the bridal shower in September. We set a budget and booked an affordable venue in the area. The menu choices are very reasonably priced and well below our budget.
We would also to serve alcohol at the shower, most likely just wine or a sangria.
The problem is that the alcohol prices at this venue are pretty high. They have different alcohol options, ranging from cash bar (not doing that), Limited open bar for 2 hours, consumption bar, or bottles of wine starting at $25 each.
There are about 20-25 women attending the shower. I'd like to get the wine option, but I'm unsure if this is the most economical way. At $25 a bottle, how many bottles of wine should we serve? We could put about $200 towards alcohol costs, but I don't know if 8 bottles of wine is enough for a 3 hour shower with 25 people. Maybe it's better to do consumption bar? What do you think?

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    8 bottles of wine is about 32 glasses of wine. For 25 people for 3 hours, that is probably not enough. 

    Does the restaurant offer any sort of sangria or spiked punch that could be served in pitchers for less than $25 each? What about bringing outside alcohol? Most places have a corking fee if you bring stuff from outside, but if the cork fee is something like $5, getting a 10 magnums (1.5L bottles) at about $15 could get you 80 glasses of wine while staying in budget.

    I don't think consumption is a very good idea. If drinks are $5-8/each, you've only got enough for one drink per person, and you don't have the ability to control the tab. 

    ETA: Alcohol is not a requirement. If it's not in the budget, just serve n/a bevs. 
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    What time is the shower?  If it is over lunch time then typically people won't drink as much as they would if it were dinner.  But I agree with PP that I would either do the wine option or have pitchers of Sangria out for those who want a glass.

    I would also ask the venue what they may suggest with the budget you are willing to provide.  They may be able to work something out.

  • If the shower is during the afternoon and you don't have a heavy drinking crowd, I would do a limited consumption bar. So that would be where people can order whatever they want off a limited menu (usually you work with the venue to create one) and you pay by the drink. 

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