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July 2010 Weddings


We were kind of sure of where we are having our reception but today we finally put down the deposit so it is official that we will have our reception at the Marriot Hotel!!!!Smile I am so excited, and for some reason I feel like time will fly by and the wedding day will be here in no time. I really cannot wait.

How are you guys doing with the planning? I feel like this week will be a productive week for me. I am hoping I can get a lot of things done because I am having to work too much this week, not very happy about that!

 What have you done this week??


  • Awwww so exciting!!! It must feel good to be able to dream of where you'll be dancing the night away!!

    I've done nothing this week haha, but my FMIL deposited for her dress!! A check in my book!

  • So exciting!  It's such a relief when you find your reception site!  And we found our bridesmaid dresses tonight!  Super Exciting...I love them!!  Now I'm just trying to find them cheaper online!  :)  Here's the link if you wanna see!  :)
    Jackson Allen ? 10.1.11 ?
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  • Our reception site (Renaissance Hotel) is owned by the Marriot and they have been wonderful to work with. Congrats!
    7/10/10 image Dandy
  • Congrats on such a great check!!! It's such a relief getting those major checks done. Now you can focus on the smaller details!
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  • Ohhh nice check!

    My week has been awful planning wise.I feel like I haven't gotten a big check done in weeks. Sigh.

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