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Wedding Woes


How was the weekend?

I got the "come get your kid b/c he puked" call at 3:30 on Friday.  SO,  there went our kid-free weekend.  Luckily, he bounced back quickly.  I worked Saturday morning and took the afternoon off.  We went to my parents to hang out.  My dad's incision is a lot bigger than I thought it would be and it's gnarly looking (he still has stitches). 

I worked yesterday morning.  I then went shopping for odds and ends.  Trying on swimsuits made me want to light myself on fire.  It's one of those things where you kind of want a second opinion, but you really want no one to see you. 

DH's aunt and uncle stopped by on their way from Peoria, IL to OH.  We smoked our first rack of ribs on the new grill.  DH painted over 3/4 of the barn.  They may finish it tonight and then we can put stuff in it...finally. (It's been a freaking month)

Re: Monday!

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    friday night we had friends over and had fun. I can't get a good read on her though. One minute life is so blessed there must be a higher power life is awesome. The next night she's both hong about her husband and trying to figure out how to raise a family on her own. Saturday was stupid stuff Sunday the kids went to a movie with the il. Do and I went to lunch and a few furniture stores then just hung We're supposed to go swimming with my mom today. It's raining and the high is 71. Hmph.
  • Poor defconn!  Glad he's feeling better.

    Re: swimsuits, I have one swimsuit I like since DS came along, I haven't found anything else I like.  I may just buy more of them in different colors.

    DD had her last meet Saturday, and her banquet that night.  And her new session of swim class started the same day, so she was pretty tired by the time we left the banquet.  DH took her to the meet, so DS and I stayed home and got so much done:  laundry, played, cleaned house, got a lot of party prep done, took a wagon ride. 

    Yesterday DH had a bad day.  He's been making breakfast on Sundays, that's his thing, and since it was Wooz's birthday, he let her choose.  She wanted blueberry pancakes.  DH usually does egg dishes, but he was game.  He didn't put nonstick on the griddle, so when he went to flip the pancakes, they started falling apart.  (The blueberries didn't help any.)  While he was struggling with the pancakes, he burned the bacon.  The pancakes were (somewhat) edible--it tasted like he left something out, though I'm not sure what--but the bacon was total loss.  Then he served the strawberries that were for DD's fruit platter at her party as part of breakfast instead.  Then when he went to change DS's diaper, he decided to put him in his swim diaper like an hour before the party, and I had to explain swim vs. regular diapers, while DS peed through his.  Poor DH.

    My mom came for the party and spent a lot of time hanging out with DS, which was awesome--he's in a stage where he usually only wants me, which would have been tricky with setting up and hosting.  But he decided Grandma was an acceptable substitute, which was so nice.  We hired a second lifeguard just to do the party, and she was fantastic:  great with the kids, played tons of games, everyone had a wonderful time.  And the heat finally broke, so it was warm, but not roasting.  Perfect day for a pool party.  

    I need to get something cute to wear for date day on Thursday.  I have so little to wear that's not work clothes or mom clothes.  DH mentioned that he wants to stop by Costco while we're out, and I was like "OMG, we are those people now."  Date day at Costco, dibs on the chicken bake.  But there is some fancy-pants Italian shop he wants to check out for pasta and ingredients and stuff, and I think we might start making our own pasta again.  (Which probably means make one batch and then put the stuff away for another three years.)  And I think we'll go somewhere nice for lunch.

    DD is doing camp at DS's daycare this week because Thursday is their big theme park trip, and it is SO NICE.  They feed her breakfast and lunch, DH does drop off, I basically kiss her goodbye and I'm done.  No packing swimsuits and towels and changes of clothes and snacks and stuff. 
  • Oh, and since that ^^^ ended up way longer than I meant, I'm not ETA-ing this:

    Over the weekend, my cousin shared some jiggery-pokery on FB about "Franklin Graham says that now that gay marriage is legal, Christians are going to be persecuted!!!11!!!"  Uh, last I checked, Teh Gays weren't the ones persecuting people for not agreeing with them.  Nice try, Franklin.  Enjoy your new account at First National Bank of Nowhere.  So disappointed that my cousin shared this.  Then again, she was the one who was a little freaked out when 2 y.o. DD correctly identified the nipples on her IKEA cat, so I guess I'm not shocked.  Just chagrined.
    photo 57666217.jpg <<< Nipple Cat
  • First teddy bears with vaginas on cakes and now nipple cats. So much scandal in the 'stuff meant for kids' world.  ;) 
  • She'd be really shocked if she saw DS right now.  He knows names for all of his body parts, including penis.  So now whenever I change him, he grabs it and says "Beany!"  (He's trying, bless his heart.)
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    That's cute Heffa, I don't care what anyone else says. 

    Weekend was pretty good.  Not a lot happened, which was actually my speed anyway.  Company party on Friday, stayed longer than anticipated but really enjoyed ourselves.

    Saturday was little to nothing, got some mowing in among the rain.  Then hung out with friends in the evening.

    Sunday was more nothing, followed by a run with H and then dinner with my family.  By the evening I was wiped, no reason to be, but just tired and had a headache, so pretty much snoozed from 8-11 until we finally went to bed. 

    This morning?  Just trying to find my motivation for another week.  My motivation happened to be at NPR under 2015 top albums so far. 

    Also, I tried to ignore many people on FB this weekend, more of the "gay pride flag burning" type of people, because I just couldn't...nope.
  • DefConn loves to talk about his penis and his 'nuggets'.  :) We're also in the, "get your hands out of your pants!" stage. 

    OMG, and a bonus DefConn funny...He was scratching his butt because it turned out he had a mosquito bite...In an effort to help him keep his hands out of his pants, I offered to scratch his butt for him (over his shorts) and he said, "No mommy...you gotta get down in the crack!"  We put some anti-itch cream on it. 
  • 0Face0Face member
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    *dying* @ "down in the crack!"
  • 6fsn6fsn member
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    Max has started "I'm playing with my penis. My biiiiiiiiig penis. Not a little one. It's biiiiiiig. I'm playing with it again!" Things girl moms will never get
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