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Vegetarian Menu Ideas?

My Fi and I are having a vegetarian wedding reception. Although a lot of our guests are veggie, a few are "meat and potatoe"(mostly his dad, and our grandparents) Has anyone had a veggie wedding, and if so what are some of the menu items you served? I want our guests to be comfortable and satisified with good food!:)

Re: Vegetarian Menu Ideas?

  • For people who are meat and potatoes, pasta usually works out well.  If they aren't averse to veggies, something like a vegetarian lasagna or a pasta primavera.  Otherwise something like stuffed shells or a cheese ravioli (or eggplant parmesan).  If they are ok with squash or pumpkin, a pumpkin or butternut squash filled ravioli with a sage brown butter sauce is delicious.

    I currently eat meat, but was vegetarian for about eight years.  One of the things I appreciated at events was having something with a variety of vegetables and a protein (instead just pasta and sauce).  Some of my favorite dishes from banquets and weddings I attended where I picked the veggie option were usually vegetable napoleons (one was grilled portobello mushrooms, eggplant, and red peppers over a bed of smoked tomato sauce and lentils, another one was grilled halloumi, butternut squash, garlic chips, and something else I don't remember at the moment over sauteed greens, and I recall another eggplant, pepper, mozzarella one over polenta), stuffed portobellos, or stuffed zucchini or acorn squash with a quinoa pilaf.

    I would stay away from anything resembling faux meat, generally anything with tofu or seitan, or trying to recreate meat-based dishes as veg and just go with delicious already veg dishes.  Most people don't appreciate the trickery and it rarely lives up to the "real" thing.
  • Well, it depends on if you're doing a plated dinner, stations or buffet.

    We are doing stations and have a lot of vegetarians. We are doing a pasta station, but they will get to decide on the pasta and sauce that they want. Also, we're having a grilled cheese station that is the same concept. Both meat eaters and vegetarians like grilled cheese and pasta (for the most part).

    The other thing we debated on (which got tossed because its a summer wedding) is a ramen bar. Pick out what you want in it and put veggie broth over it. I'm a big meat eater and these were all some of my favorite ideas.
  • You can't go wrong with some good pasta options, salads, lagansa, or egg plant. The big thing I would want as a guest are items that are filling and not tofu. That doesn't mean any meat because if the couple getting married is vegetarian, I wouldn't expect them to serve food they woudln't eat.
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