Anyone else planning a Miller Park wedding?

We just got engaged at the game on Friday night.. and we are planning on the warning track ceremony with reception in the Gehl Club.

Just wanted to see if anyone else is planning similar. :)

Re: Anyone else planning a Miller Park wedding?

  • Haven't planned one myself, but my best friend got married there 3 years ago. The wedding was amazing. The ceremony was on the warming field and the reception was in the Johnson Controls Club. It was so cool! 
    Everyone loved it. The food was really the best! And the decor was incredible. They had blue and white as their colors, the DJ was amazing and had blue flood lights all over the dance floor. The photographers were the best (completely bias here because that's who I used). They let us (the wedding party) go onto the field for formal photos and it was sensational. Just be aware, when they say "do not touch the grass or cheer loudly during formals" they mean it. We got hushed when we cheered which is now a running joke with our group ("the silent cheer"). 
    No major issues that we saw - there were enough bartenders, everything ran smoothly, and the vendors were the best. If you need any more details, just let me know and I can ask her!
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