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Plans/News for this week

Hi Everyone!

Just thought I would see how everyone's Thanksgiving went. Any good plans or news for the week (WR or not)?

We had a great Thanksgiving in VT with my FMIL and some of DF's aunts, uncles, and cousins. We came home and decorated the house for Christmas and then FI and my daughter went to Santa's Village in Jefferson, NH yesterday while I worked. They had a great time, took lots of pictures, and brought home some fudge for me!

This week.....

NWR: I will be narrowing down the choices for which LNA program I will enroll in at the beginning of the year. The program of choice does not have another opening until March, but it is such a good opportunity (the facility they study at is one of the best in the area), that it might be worth the extra wait.

WR: I will be working on my plans for my FSIL's bridal shower as I am her MOH, not my wedding, but still WR! lol. We will be running our dates of choice by the important family members this week to see if we have to nix any now before we make our deposit and sign a contract in January.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and has a good week!!

Re: Plans/News for this week

  • My Thanksgiving at FMIL;s house was wonderful!! I really had a good time. Hmmm... Oh I have two job interviews at Hartford Hospital! A new job yay!! This way I will actually live in CT and be closer to FI's family which is a plus. My FI who just recently got laid off has found another job thank goodness!! WR: I can have a wedding coordinator now!!! And I meet with her in January! Since we will both be making more money and paying less for rent he agreed that a wedding coordinator would be better!!! Thats about it for me!!
  • Wow! That sounds like a great week :) Congrats on his new job and best wishes with your interviews!
    That is great about the coordinator, it will be so helpful for you!
  • Thank you for your wishes!! Yes having the coordinator is definately going to take a big weight off my shoulders!! Gotta love compromises!!

  • Hi everyone! 
    I have been MIA for the past week! I fell in our hot tub and hit my head (so im told) 
    and have been suffering with a massive concussion. I dont remember much but thats ok. i am slowly getting better. 


    i tried on dresses a while ago check out my pics! this was my top dress.. but i think i still want to try more! 
    Sorry if i am scattered. still trying to sort out my thoughts. ill try and add it asap! 
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  • Oh my goodness! I was wondering where you were, but was hoping/assuming it was something enjoyable, not that! I hope you recover soon :)

    On a side note, I can't seem to get to your pics :( I can get to your knottie bio, but your siggy isn't showing up anymore!  (I am trying to be positive about this TK makeover, but it has been really hard with things like this happening!)
  • I'm sorry to hear that and I hope you are doing much better!! I could not see the pictures either!I don't know this new format still has a lot of kinks in it. I guess we just have to be patient until they work out all the problems!! Take good care of yourself!!
  • thanks ladies! I am going to try and add it to my bio now.. silly updates. Anyone figured out how to keep the top bar.. collapsed? and those MME pop ups? 
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  • grr! ok ladies. check my bio i think its working now
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  • That is great! So beautiful :) (I can see it in your profile now!)

    I can't seem to get the top bar to work very well either, and sometimes the "tv" just starts even though I have paused it!
  • Very pretty dress!!! I really like it! On the other topic no i cant get the tv to stop playing either. It gets annoying after a while. LOL!! It doesnt stay collapsed for me either!
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