Wedding Woes

I'm grumpy. I'll enumerate because I can. Things

1-who the hell thought 'migraine buddy' was a good name for a pain-tracking app?

2-The 'you have been migraine free for Five (5!!!) days' messages are annoying, but the "you are having a migraine for 3 (THREE!!) days, is it still present?" message is more annoying.

3-I have hit my weekly limit for rescue meds already. --they have been doing SO good recently, but once I get one, I can't get back ahead of it.

4-.  Some fool (not me) scheduled a scout event planning meeting for 7 tonight, so there's no way for me to duck out--I'm probably not home until 9 pm.  I'm hiding in my office, accomplishing very little, with the lights out, drinking coke and sucking on hard candy because my migraines act a lot like morning sickness [no, it's nt morning sickness.  Unless a mighty miracle has been wrought.  I'll let you know if a rabbit walks into my office and dies or something])

5-My drainage hell is still ongoing.  (although, for *vauge handwavey* reasons, some of the water has mysteriously disappeared *whistling innocently* into...somewhere.  anyone have a use for 300' of garden hose?)

6 Actually, there were cookies and cream bars in the vending machine.  I"m kinda happy about that.  I had enough change for one.  small yays?

Re: I'm grumpy. I'll enumerate because I can. Things

  • Feel better @GBCK

    1) that makes me stabby
    2) that would also make me stabby
    3) dosage limit or pharmacy/insurance limit? my diagnosis is chronic migraines (15+ headache days/month) - and yet insurance would only allow for enough meds to last 4.5-9 days. (depending if I took the max allowable 2 pills in 24 hours or spread it out to one per day.) my doctor wrote them a letter and they upped it to 18 pills instead of 9, so hooray for small miracles. 

    the Botox has made a huge difference for me, but I've been getting more headaches the last few weeks - not sure if it's stress/the weather/gaining a few lbs/etc. i ended up going home yesterday because the combo of the headache and med side effects was so bad. I ended up falling asleep for most of the afternoon, so am in "migraine hangover" mode today - still a low grade headache, exhausted, and alternating between nauseous and starving. My coworkers are giving me funny looks for wearing my sunglasses inside. 

  • H delivers mail - he was in an accident over a week ago and still is in limbo about it.  The cop wrote him a ticket for being stopped in the road, but that is pretty unavoidable to deliver mail.  He even mentioned it would be thrown our in court, but he still wrote it.  The girl hit him in the rear, never hit her brakes and admitted she was on her way to rehab. (she got 3 tickets, but its being called dual fault).  His union rep is currently in a meeting trying to save H's job, and waiting for him to call is gonna cause me a stroke.
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    dosage limit.
    I can go over it (and probably will if this doesn't improve), but it'll badly risk me rebounding.  I had a coworker come find me alter yesterday because she had seen me sitting in a dark room earlier and wanted to make sure I was OK--which was nice of her.  The weather has been awful for them

    I have LOTS of pills (which is a great/awful sentence to type :-P).  I have officially decided ultram is useless for me.  Midrin often doesn't work--about 60% of the time it does nothing except make me tired and gives me auditory hallucinations--but on the ones that nothing else will touch, the 3rd pill tends to knock it out.  So I think that's what I'm onto Thursday night.

    Botox is on the table w/ the doc, there was a reason they didn't want to jump on it last time, but I forgot what it was--it was a legit medical one based on how I react to things--which doesn't mean we won't try it, but, I'm well known for having 'unique' reactions to drugs.  And this is a new neuro, since mine moved to the other end of the country.

    Pegasus, I'd be exploding.  (We had that issue recently--the Mr.'s workplace review tried to find him at fault when his vehicle was stopped at a legit stop and he was REAR ENDED.  WTF?).  Sometimes cops are idiots.
  • H's meeting ended with no results, they are meeting again NEXT wed. so he's still out of work and making no money!  He's had run ins with the post master before, his office got merged and they were giving work to another (buddy) instead of H with seniority, he didn't get away with that and hasn't liked him since.  This is bull crap, I understand if joe blow is just sitting in a road for no reason but he has a giant flashing light, a sign and he has to stop - over and over.  The girls dad is also a cop in our small county, my dad was when I was growing up and I know exactly how small town cops stick together.  That's exactly why he got a ticket at all, no way he should have, ugh!!

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