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I have to present at the company meeting in an hour.  I'm not major-nervous, just butterflies.  It will be fine, but I'll still be glad when it's done.  I have to co-present with a CW who took the liberty of making the world's worst powerpoint.  I was really at a loss, until our designer took one look at it and was like "Oh hell no, lemme fix this."  She reformatted everything, I fixed my content, and it's probably 70% better.  And I'm not speaking on the remaining 30%, so I'm content to let that go.

Practically counting the hours until we leave for the Smokies, even though it's still two days away.  Tomorrow should be quiet here, although now that I said that, I probably jinxed it.

Re: Wednesday

  • I hate working worth idiots. I fired all but 1 member of my production crew after last season because I just couldn't handle the stupidity. My cameraman was the only one I kept.

    I'm counting down to 2 weekends in a row in Austin to finish planning the crap I haven't done yet (booking a cake might be nice) and the 2 brewery releases happening those weekends. I think there will need to be a diet after that.
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    Hmmm.  I'm basically surfacing after 2 days deep in the trenches.  I need to force myself to keep up the productivity but sometimes I couldn't care less.  Nope.

    Also--Boss and Boss lady say "get this to me by Friday" and then come up to me this morning "oh we need that!".'re the boss, I get that---but I've been so deep into other things I haven't spent a second thinking about it.  NOPE (again).
  • I just realized it is Wednesday and not Thursday.  I haz sad face.  :(  This week needs to be over already.
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    Also, this most recent bunch of bananas has been kind of crappy.  I don't think I've finished a whole one yet, and I keep thinking of this:
  • I'm so sick of fundraising.  If we win the tournament next week, we go to the World Series in NY.  I don't think I could tell you how much I don't want to do that.  Of course it makes me feel guilty for feeling this way because that would be an awesome experience for Son, but damn.  I'm ready to be done.

  • Today is perfect weather for the beach. Low 80's and an awesome breeze.

    I wish y'all were here. <3
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