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September 2012 Weddings

Where are you?

First time poster, getting married sept.16. 2012 and i am not sure when to start doing certain things all the planners i have start at twelve months, i am very anxious to do it now, i have been looking online for ideas and am trying to narrow down all the detail descisions.... just curious where are you all as far as planning goes? have you started buying things yet?
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Re: Where are you?

  • What I have left:  Cake, limo, hotel/hotel blocks, favor ideas, save the dates/invites, attire for all, bp gifts and we're trying to save extra to fly his groomsmen here and have them stay at our house if the wives don't come up with them.

    We booked just about everything between Oct 2010 and Feb 2011.

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  • I'm getting married Sept. 15, 2012. We have the Venue, Church and Photographer booked.

    Those were the main items I was most worried about since I'm from New Orleans and things tend to book quickly here
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    We are getting married Sept 2nd, 2012 and have the venue, caterer, photographer, colors and DJ as well as how my party is going to look, and center pieces. I am a hurry up and do it now kind of person, and the excitement got to me as well.

    A little much you say? Well we did this to figure out how much we would really be spending, and found our must haves along the way.

    Biggest thing is getting your Venue and/or Church booked, I spoke with a wedding planner and she stated that venues are booking out further and further now. So better be safe than sorry. You may not have the money, but a lot just require the deposit and may even take post dated checks as well.

    Edit: and cake maker :)

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  • September 1, 2012 here.  We have booked the venue, photographer, and the event designer who will be doing the decor, lighting, and florals.  Included in the venue booking, however, is the option for the cake baker, DJ, bartending services, and limo.   I am not sure if I will use all of those services but right now they are included.  I plan to book the videographer this fall. 

    You definitley should book your venue ASAP.  The venues in my area were already being booked for Fall 2012 when I started looking in March. 

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  • THANK YOU lol it was driving me crazy!! Laughing
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  • I've got the ceremony/reception site booked, the dress picked out, and my main color (navy blue). Next on the list is a photographer!
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  • I've got the venue, DJ, photographer and videographer, planner, dress, colors and DIY invitation parts.  Wedding party selected in my head but not officially asked yet.  I have also picked out a dress I love for the girls.

    I just need the cake, flowers and officiant.
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    I was also worried that it was too far out to book much but when I started inquiring about venues they were all booked for next summer!  We decided on Sept bc of lack of options and then I figured I would just book as much as I could now so that we could get our first choice of vendors before they are booked.  We have booked:  church, venue, caterer, photographer, and my hair and makeup!  We still need a florist and a cake (although we know we are going with Cold Stone for an ice cream one).  All the little details I will start on this fall when it's a year out.  It's never too early to start booking and if you wait you may not get the vendors you want.

  • I'm getting married 9/29/12. We don't have anything booked! We were engaged on 3/19 so it's only been about 6 weeks. The venues have been narrowed down to the final 2 but we haven't decided yet. My MOH was supposed to come up this weekend to see the sites and offer her opinion (they are very different) but the damn tornadoes down south put a stop to that (poor thing has been without power for more than 3 days). 

    After we book the venue then the photographer will be next. I'll probably start looking at dresses this summer. I need to get psyched up for that. LOL
  • Oh, and one place I called was already booked on our date and was even booking into 2013, so I agree that venue is the most important thing!
  • I've gone through things a little backwards.  I've got my photographers (my uncle and cousin), DJ (MOH FI), my dress, wedding parties dresses picked out and the theme I want.  We are in the process of booking our venue for both the ceremony and reception.  I have my florist who is helping me with the theme since we had to switch our date from mid-Oct to early Sept and I wanted a fall theme which isn't exactly gonna work for a now Labor Day weekend wedding.  I'm also in the stage of picking out invitations and save-the-dates that my brothers FI is going to do.

    I don't pay attention to the year planners.  I say those are more guidelines and tell me when I should have things done by and I'm trying to get them done as soon as possible.

    Weddings are a lot of money and I want to know how much things are going to cost since FI and I are paying for it all ourselves.  That way I know when I have to have things paid off and how much I have to put aside each month for each.

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  • I  have venue,ceremony, and photograpaher booked already. The biggest things out the way. I have my color togethers, bridal party picked, and found bridemaids dress ....still some much to do.
  • tayliataylia member
    wow i feel so behind i have nothing booked! you ladies are amazing my fi and i are trying to decide on a venue that i told him needs to be priority 1 ohhh please help. anyone from CT? on here
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