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As much as I missed you, I don't want to be here

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I want the beach back.  :)

Our week was great except for the kiddo being a little under the weather.  He rallied and still had a good time for the most part.  DH has been sick since Saturday. I ended up driving more than half the time on the way home (which I *hate* and DH knows yeah, he was really sick).  I think he has a sinus infection.  I'll make a full, separate post about our vacation later. 

How was your week/weekend?  

Who's kiddos start school soon?  The kiddo goes back on Thurs, so we're definitely in a mad dash to get stuff for him.  

Everyone in my house is home for another day.  I should have taken today off. 

Re: As much as I missed you, I don't want to be here

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    Thursday?! I opted to buy the school supply box for $30 and call it a day. They switched over to a new reporting system and I missed the window to print 6let's kinder report card. Oh well his future spouse can thank me. We start August 12 and moms are getting worked up the teacher assignments haven't come out yet. Vacation was awesome. I feel like we had a good mix of kitschy expensive stuff and cheap nature stuff. 6let was over the moon to get to ride the big rides. They were great but 6 nights was enough and we were all done. Dh did come through on my birthday (except for the dinner). He got me earrings, a new paring knife and cooking classes. He gave me enough to go to one with a friend or a few solo. I'm keeping them for myself! I'm already targeting cheese making and pasta making. We got our zoning permit and now I have to try to navigate the building permit. How hard would it be to have separate forms for new build and remodel? So much to catch up on. I did manage to get some raspberry chocolate sauce made though.
  • For HS, there is no $30 pack of supplies.  :(  I wish.  So much easier in the long run. 
  • Your vacation pics were great, conn.  It looked beautiful

    He's starting Thursday!?  We start Aug 24.  It's the latest we've ever started.  It's usually during the second week of Aug.

    I loved your birthday pics, @6fsn.  It sounds like your DH did a good job.  I'm glad you had a good vacation and birthday.

    I also need to get supplies.  I printed DD1's list last week.  Son has no list and I'll have to call DD2's preschool to find out what I'm supposed to do.

    We leave Wednesday for the regional tournament in MO.  My parents are going to keep the girls again, which is a huge help, but at the same time, it stinks that they're going to be away from us for so long again.

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    Taw- Dh looked over my shoulder when your post for the car wash popped up. He was all "what are you looking at?!?,". We got a nice chuckle.
  • Ha!  It's funny because the girls in those pictures weren't the ones from yesterday.  Most wore shorts and tanks over their suits.

    That car wash actually caused some stupid drama for the week leading up to it.  A league board member did everything she could to get it cancelled.

  • We tried to do way too much this weekend.  I don't think we had the proper appreciation for how big the park would be.  We "hiked" one of the nature trails and the kids loved it.  They loved the animal exhibits in the museum.  Then DS was getting tired, so we decided we'd do one of the driving routes so he could catch a nap.  It sounded like a good idea, but it ended up being too much time in the car for everyone.  We made it to the tippy-top once he woke up, which was beautiful, but by then pretty much everyone just wanted to go back to the hotel for a swim and a break.  Lesson learned.  Next time, we will plan more time to do fewer things.  And stay in a cabin--we're really more cabin people, but opted for the big-ass resort because it had multiple water parks.  But we didn't really swim much, so we could have lived without all the pools and slides and stuff.  (The lazy river was nice, though!)

    DD goes back to school on the 24th, which is pretty average around here.  We'll be at the beach the weekend before.  I was just saying that she and I need to go shopping for school supplies.  She is so picky, so we're just going to go together. 

    S/O DD, she got to take the light rail Uptown with DH this morning.  Her camp is at the children's museum this week, which is a block or two from DH's office, so she's commuting with him all week.
  • DH starts back to school on August 17.  He is finally finished with the organization he's been working for.  It's been a long ride and we've both learned a lot, but we're both ready to walk away from them.  2 Executive Directors in 2 years, no ED right now b/c the 2nd one walked after 6 months, and just a mess of a board.  But, he gets $11K for school, and there are some other opportunities on the horizon that gives a pretty bright outlook for the future.  His back-to-school supply list was a little crazy.  ;)

    Weekend was good.  We had to go to the Farmers Market at the crack of dawn on Saturday, then had a game night with friends.  Sunday was pretty much hanging out at home, doing stuff to get ready for the week.  Took care of some personal business things.
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    I lost a lot of it to a migraine (that I thought was gone, but came back), but, eh.
    (I'm going to see about doing FMLA paperwork because I don't trust newboss to not be pendantic about the time off needs for this)

    But we have our draining things fixed enough that we could take care of ElGato's grave, and Buffy did her next Lowe's project w/ her grandparents so I got to TAKE A MULTI HOUR NAP and watch the finale of OITNB.  priorities.

    school starts in sept. here, I don't even know full or half day yet.  *cue panic*
  • Coming home from vacay sucks. Glad you had a good time though! I loathe driving. The one upside of having an injury that will likely keep me from driving for the next year or so is that I NEVER have to be the DD :)

    Mine was good, took a road trip down to Austin to the brewery where the wedding will be. They had a big beer release (it's FI's fav beer and he had to work) so I went with some of our friends to stand in line for 2+ hours in the blazing heat to end up with 2 500ml bottles (it was 1/pp/pd and they ran out the 2nd day). It was fun though, and I was able to pick up some other great beer, as well as hang out and drink beer and eat pizza with friends for a couple of days. I did get a helluva sunburn though since apparently the SPF 90 was not one of the 6 spray cans I threw in my bag in my packing rush. We are going back this weekend (with FI) to meet with the site coordinator and finalize wedding details (and yes, they are releasing another specialty beer).

    I got all but about 10 of my invites in the mail!! Woohoo!!!!
  • @TheCheeseWench - which brewery/beer? DK is into homebrewing and really likes trying new things. He's had fun doing a few of the local brewery tours. We're in NW Houston, so it might be something fun to check out the next time we're in Austin. 
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    @*Barbie* it is Jester King. It's off of 290 on the way to Dripping Springs and it's a great place to visit on the weekends. The do a lot of farmhouse ales & fruited sours, plus some other stuff. There is a property connecting next door called Tipping T that has a few cabins to rent. We always stay there. It is really nice, and you can just walk to the brewery/pizza place. There are some other really good restaurants nearby and I think a couple of other breweries as well.
  • @TheCheeseWench - thanks! I might need to book an overnight/weekend trip for DK's birthday in September. We could do it in a day, but it would be a lot of driving (probably 5 hours round trip.)

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