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Sandals comparisons please!

My fiancee and I are planning a destination wedding and we have narrowed it down to the Sandals resorts. As of right now, I feel most strongly about the Sandlas St. Lucia resort however was hoping tha someone may be able to offer insight into which one is the best, which they liked the most, etc. I was also wondering if the on site nightly entertainment/nightlife is good. For example, I have heard that Sandlas Grenada is geared towards a slightly older crown however I am unsure if this is accurate. 

We appreciate any help!

Re: Sandals comparisons please!

  • I apologize, by "crown", I meant "crowd"
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    You may want to try asking this on the honeymoon board as well, or try doing a search for Sandals on that board.

    ETA- I re-read. There are MANY Sandals properties. I'm sure that most people on here, other than one poster, has only been to one or two of the resorts. the other poster has been to maybe 3-4. To get the best feedback, see my advice below.


    However, your best bet is to talk to a travel agent who specializes in Sandals. I know Sandals offers a lot of training for agents who want to book those properties. Be sure to talk to an agent that has visited all or most of them. Each property and each island has its pros and cons. In addition, you'll want to fully understand the legal requirements in each country that has a Sandals. If one of the properties does not offer leally binding ceremonies, you may want to cross that off of your list(unless you are not having any guests. you can do what you want if no one is invited!!!)


    hope that helps!


  • Did you get any info! We are getting married at La Toc next year and I'm trying to get some info about the different packages and videography.
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