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Aria brides champagne flutes

Any aria brides what did you do about champagne flutes and bubbly in the bridal suite? I've had an email to say that champagne flutes are $5 each to use I know it sounds silly but I'm guessing they don't need to know in advance?
Also were you able to bring your own bubbly into the suite

Only 1 month to go now :)
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Re: Aria brides champagne flutes

  • You'll have to let us know what you decide to do. I'm nowhere near that stage of planning yet but sounds like a lovely idea. I hope you can bring your own in as the prices already look a bit steep :)
  • Honestly it's a don't ask don't tell policy. We brought in our own champagne in a bag and popped it. They don't want you to bring your own drinks in because they want you to buy it through them, but they won't take it away or tell you that you can't have it. Buy some in advance and just bring them in a bag with you :) but make sure it's cold as they don't provide ice
  • Once you are in the suite and settled you are by yourselves. Your coordinator will come in to check on you and run through details but then she's out in the lobby directing guests and getting stuff set up so its not like they are watching over you
  • @silverblade005 lovely thank you! Did you have to pay to use their champagne flutes? Or are there already some in the suite?
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  • There were no cups or flutes in the suite, only cold water bottles so you'll have to bring your own. There are several liquor stores and Walgreens on strip and they sell a million kinds of cups and flutes. You could get fancy or you could buy some fun souvenier glasses and drink out of those.
  • I wasn't even aware that they had flutes to rent (or buy?) but I would not have paid $5 each lol
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