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Golden Nugget suite reception

Hi! Has anyone done an in suite reception at the Golden Nugget? Curious how easy or difficult to get food/cake/drinks to the suite? I am expecting about 30 people. 

Re: Golden Nugget suite reception

  • For that size group, I assume you're talking about a Spa Suite?  You'll have no issue getting people up there, just keep in mind that it requires key card access in the elevator so someone will have to be on duty to move people back and forth.  There are no GN staff watching the elevator though so you won't have any issues there.

    Room-wise, the Spa Suites would not have too much trouble with that size party.  They have a couch that fits about 10 or 12 people, plus a table that seats several more.  So you should be able to seat at least half the crowd at any given point in time.  However, if you're going to have sit down meal or heavy apps, you may need to bring in chairs.  There is a stairway from 1st level to 2nd in the middle of the room, so people could always sit there in a pinch.  There's a bathroom at the 1st level so people won't have to go upstairs to use the bedroom level.

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  • Thank you so much! This information is so helpful!!
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