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Wedding Woes


Back from the beach, back to reality.  We had a great time, though.  Spent almost all day Saturday at the beach, and it was wonderful.

Took DS to the doctor Thurs. because he still had his fever.  Pedi checked him out thoroughly (even ran a CBC) and couldn't find anything except his respiratory virus.  Said to give it 48 hours, and that's about when it finally broke.  He seemed happy enough, but DC was a no-go, so I had to cancel DD's surprise amusement park trip.  Oh well. 

Loved the beach.  DS was so little last year that he mostly played in the sand, but this year he ventured into the ocean and was delighted with the waves. Loved our suite--I am never going back to a regular room there.  We had so much space, big deck, full kitchen, washer/dryer (great for getting sand out of our towels and swimsuits), and a tub so big that I could put both kids in it when we got back from the beach and they still had tons of room.  (DD announced that she would like to live there from now on.)  Heaven. 

Got back yesterday afternoon and I even managed to get all of our laundry done and put away.  And now Wooz is back to school, I am back to work, and DH is WFH because he fell out of the crawlspace last night (which is really the sort of thing I would normally do) and thinks he may have cracked his tailbone.  I think he (hopefully) just bruised it, so we'll see what the doctor says.

Re: Monday

  • Loved your pics, heffa.  The trip looked so fun.

    Our weekend was nice.  We didn't do too much and that was just fine with me.  I did a deep clean in our bedroom.  It was a disaster after all of our trips this summer (it just became a dumping ground for things we didn't want to put away) so it really needed to be put back together.

    We got the kids dropped off at school this morning and then had a meeting with DD2's preschool teachers.  It was a good opportunity for DD2 to meet them and for us to talk to them a little bit without the craziness we encountered at the open house.

  • You had an awesome trip Heffa!  

    Weekend was OK.  I had to work Saturday.  We went to DH's boss's house for a party.  I got to meet the evil director.  I kept my hands to myself and didn't mush him in the face.  He left pretty early.  We stayed the latest and had a good time with everyone.  

    Sunday, we slept in.  I found a dead mouse in the kitchen (in one of the traps...that's 3 mice in a week...I know it's from all the construction around us and the mice being displaced)...so gross.  I made DH dispose of it before I could make breakfast.  We went to my parents for party planning (dad's 60th surprise party and baby showers for my sister and SIL) and dinner.  

    I'm waiting for DH to sign off on booking our flights for CA.  I'm ready to get it over with so we can actually look forward to our trip. 
  • Hello, I am emerging from boxes. We've been in the house for a little over a week, and it's still a mess but getting better. Lots of little surprises and a few big ones. Like the fact that our address doesn't exist in the postal service or that wires were never run but the telecom companies to our house for Internet access. 

    DS started kindergarten and loves it. He's having trouble with letters though, and has been complaining about things looking tiny so he's got glasses now. 

    DD is good but I think I'm going to have to switch daycare for her. It's just too far to drive 25 mins over there (one way) each day and it's not on the way to anything. 
  • The weekend was busy.  We drove to a neighboring city with friends to for a day convention.  It was a ton of fun, with super interesting speakers on neuroscience, Fukishima, teaching critical thinking in classrooms, and a few other atheist/humanist/science related topics.  We ended up recommending about 3 of the presentation to the local conference here.  

    Spending Sunday recovering.  My house is falling apart.  I'm just going to have to bit the bullet and clean during the week this week.  I don't have much to do for once.
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    Saturday DH took the kids to his dad's while I got a massage and facial.  Saturday night we went to the Crew game then hung out on the back deck.  Sunday we spent the afternoon at the pool for probably the last time this summer.

    We have something EVERY night this week.  Tonight is fun though- a pasta making class.

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