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Wedding Woes


Both my kids went to school in pants and hoodies today.  I'm wearing a long sleeve shirt and am still cold.  I don't care though...I love this.  I hope we only have a few more hot days. 

The side of my mouth is killing me due to a zit that's coming in.  I'm dying to relieve the pressure.  

We took DefConn to a fun park last night. It's got some decent trails and picnic shelters.  

Re: Morning

  • Wow.  We're just starting to feel a hint of cool in the mornings, but it's gone by the time I get to work.  I'm mentally ready for fall-the-season, though, if not fall-the-weather.  (We usually don't get true fall weather until around Halloween here.)  Pumpkin Spice Latte is back a week from today, for any other Basic White Girls out there.  ;)

    Speaking of mornings, our official bus time is 6:39 a.m. (ugh) and it arrived at 6:33 this morning (double-ugh).  Luckily it turns onto our street at the T intersection and goes to the opposite end of the T first.  I opened the door this morning and heard the diesel engine, and I actually said "Holy crap!" in front of Wooz.  (At least that showed her I was serious.)  We both hustled to the stop and got there as it was pulling up.  One neighbor boy came sprinting down the street, and two girls whose dad drives them to the stop pulled up when the bus was already there and came flying out of the car.  It was pandemonium.  Then Max's mom and I were walking home and our neighbor across the street opened her door, looked completely bewildered, and said "Did the bus come already?" And there was her kid behind her.  Gotta love the first week of school.
  • I'm getting back into my routine after completely abandoning it during the summer.  It feels good to have so much done already.

    Son's phone has had a broken screen for months now and it's just a pita.  It still works but he can't see half the screen so he needs something else.  We let him know this was the last phone we were going to buy him and that from now on it's on him to replace phones if he isn't going to take care of them (he washed a phone earlier this year). Really, he's done pretty well with them.  He's had a phone for 3 years and had only two incidents.  They just happened to be within 6 months or so of each other.

    We decided to go ahead and let him have a smartphone after considering it for a couple weeks and then getting info from school yesterday about an app for this and that.  We bought a $50 used version of my phone on ebay and he paid half for it.  It should be here this weekend.  However, I can't spare any data so his phone will be wi-fi only.  Irregurd, he's excited for it.

  • Morning. I am discovering the joys of convection ovens. Hot pockets, pizza rolls, cookies, whatever. It's all better with the convection oven.

    We got keys to our mailbox, but the post office said one box and the keys open a different box so I need to go to the post office today and get that sorted out. 

    We had a rainstorm last night and I wish that would cool things off. But it's going to be 100 F and humid today. :(
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