Wedding Woes


I have a bunch of stuff sitting in my backyard and nobody here to dig.  I WANT TO START!!!!

Re: tuesday-FWP

  • LOL  I can't wait to see what happens.  :)  

    My FWP is that I don't have a maid and I could really use one.  :) One day, hopefully. 

  • It's been so busy today. What's up with that?

    Is it lunch time yet?

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    I got a new client on Friday and had a lot of work yesterday and this morning.  It's always a lot of work/time consuming in the beginning.

  • Well at least the underground lines finally got marked.  Hopefully tomorrow they will actually start digging.  In other news:

    - I've been having issues with a stupid prescription.  Between the pharmacy and insurance it's been 10 days, 5 phone calls, and 3 attempts at pickup. I FINALLY got the script today.

    - PSR starts tomorrow night.  It's been pretty much radio silence from the teacher I'm assisting.  I sent her something of an introduction with my phone number.  She replied with something like see you there.  Today she forwarded me the emails she's sent to parents.  I guess the good news is she's taking complete ownership of the class.  I'll be happy to take attendance to save $120.

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