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Good morning

Anyone around?  Prudie will be boring if no one is here. 

Yesterday was my day off.  Shopping was successful.  I found a cute dress to wear with leggings and boots.  I also found a flannel shirt that looks good on me. It just needs to finally cool off so I can wear all my new stuff.   I also got shoes and a clutch for our big work party in November.  Plus, I got fall decorations for the house, random stuff for the kids (Target had great clearance on socks and undies for DefConn), and I think I've finally finished up my baby gift stuff for SIL.  

I'm looking forward to the weekend.  I have the house in good shape, so who knows what we can get into. :) 

Re: Good morning

  • I have off tomorrow and Saturday!! We just got a new kitten last week so I need to pick up a couple more things for her. I also have family pictures this weekend so I need to get shirts for FI and I. (My mom is forcing him to be in them this year because there's a ring on my hand!) So tomorrow is a shopping day for me which is perfect because today is payday! Then Saturday I have FSIL's Bridal Shower in the afternoon. I started a painting last weekend that I never got the chance to finish so maybe I'll do that. Overall I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend! 

  • Hi. I'm here for a while. I'm re-staging my computer later today, so who knows how long that will take. Hopefully forever and I can just cut out early since i can't work until it's back up and running. 

    Tomorrow is DK's birthday, and I need to make a stop or two for gifts. I have a few small things, but he's tough to shop for - I was thinking of getting him a kegerator so he can keg his homebrews, but I'd rather he chose what he wanted. I mentioned this to him as there was discussion about where it would go, and the possibility of doing a built-in if we redo our kitchen at some point. 

    We'll get a date night tomorrow, so I know he's looking forward to that. We're going to be in a Brazilian meat coma, so I need to remind him to eat a light lunch. 

  • I have half my cleaning done and am taking a break.

    The weather has been annoying lately.  It's always cool enough to have the house open during the day, but by 3:00 it's hot enough to have the a/c on and doesn't cool down again until middle of the night, so there is no going to sleep without the a/c.  I just want to turn the dang thing off.

    We need to work in the yard this weekend.  Really not looking forward to that.

  • I'm here!  That's about all I have, though.  ;)
  • I'm here kind of.  Watching the Pope, the digger in the backyard, trying to get work done, chicken in the oven, making applesauce after lunch. 
  • I am formally approved to volunteer at DD's school.  That's seriously everything.  Slow news day.

    My grandmother is 99 today, so Happy Birthday to her!
  • Heffalump said:
    I am formally approved to volunteer at DD's school.  That's seriously everything.  Slow news day.

    My grandmother is 99 today, so Happy Birthday to her!
    I just got my approval yesterday.  Woo hoo I guess?  I start next Thursday afternoon.

    Happy birthday to your grandma!

  • Morning. I slept horribly- I think I got like 3 hours. I need to take a melatonin tonight.

    We did get our shades for the house. I made a stupid mistake though and ordered the wrong size for one window. It's 2 inches to long so I have to see what the process is for possibly sending it back and getting a new one.
  • Morning.  Working on random stuff.  My group is officially hosting a Syrian refugee fundraiser to raise funds to donate through a secular organization, while watching the 3rd Republican debate.  We'll do some good to help, while watching some bad who won't help.

    I'm ready for this week to be over.  I'm in some kind of funk about something.  IDK what. 
  • Also, I have a FWP:  I went to Starbucks in Target and ordered a cinnamon chai latte but got a cinnamon dolce latte instead.  I like the former, I don't like the latter.  Sadly, because I bought it on my way out, by the time it was cool enough to drink, I was back at the office.  Now I am stuck with it.  XP
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