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How does this person adult...ever?

Dear Prudie,
I’ve been going to the same barber once a month for the past 15 years for a simple haircut that cost me $35, and I’d give him a $5 tip. Apparently, at some point over the years—I have no idea when—the barbershop’s rate for a haircut went up to $40 and he never bothered to tell me. Then last week I spotted a rate board by the cashier I’d never noticed before that clearly stated haircuts were $40. I was horrified when I realized I’d been stiffing my barber of his tip and had no idea how long I’d been doing so. I’m too embarrassed to ask him when the barbershop raised its rates and why he didn’t tell me. I do want to offer him a serious token of appreciation. What do I do?

—Close Shave

Re: How does this person adult...ever?

  • A serious token of appreciation?  I think this guy should buy him a car.

    I think the LW is being way too hard on himself.  Tip generously from here on, and call it good.
  • Or maybe the barber has grandfathered him at the old rate?  
  • no idea how to talk to a dude he's been seeing for 15 years? i hope barber cuts him.
  • I know my hairdresser grandfathers me into a rate other people don't get.  I appreciate it, still tip appropriately.  Constant 8 week appointment at a lower rate is more money than random higher rate off the street.

    Grab a GC, call it a day.
  • Christmas is coming - Make up for lost time then. 

    I know at least one hairdresser who has clients that never tip during the course of the year but then do a large "tip" at Christmastime that's the equiv. of a larger than they'd otherwise get in the course of a year size amount.

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