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Large Venue in Dade or Broward

I am looking for a venue either in Dade or Broward county that is big enough for 225 guests with room for a dance floor and a stage for the band. I'd like to stay under $85 a head at a venue that doesn't have absurd fees like $5,000 site charge, 24% fees and such. I prefer inside due to Florida's unpredictable weather, but would consider outdoors for the right place! 

Thank you in advance! 

Re: Large Venue in Dade or Broward

  • http://www.shanecenter.com/

    Capacity of 240 for sit down dinner and very reasonable price. You bring in your own vendors, they list some they've worked with before on the website, so you may be able to stay under the $85pp in total. Worth checking out.

  • have you ever thought of a planner, they have very good reputation with companies and can get you percentage off your event. i know when i did my wedding the planners were able to get me the place for about 100 per head and they normally charge 130-140 due to the amount of people i had, but because they had relationship with the place they were able to trust them and got me the place cheaper. 

    They called LaRosa Events, LLC
    contact info [email protected]
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