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Is there a problem with Mexico????

My honeymoon is in Mexico. Everyone that ask me and I tell them, their like oh! just be careful. I am so tired of it. I personally think that we should be careful anywhere.  I have never been there and I am excited.

Re: Is there a problem with Mexico????

  • Every year around "spring break" time, the state department sends out an update about violence in some parts of Mexico.  This is almost exclusively happening in border towns and does NOT target tourists.  It's almost completely drug-related.  So, assuming you're going to one of the typical resort towns, you have nothing to be worried about.  You have the right attitude- be careful anywhere you go, but don't miss out on a great place for no reason.

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  • As long as you're going to a resort area you'll be fine. All I hear is that it's drug related and it's up near the US border which is VERY far away from areas such as Cancun, Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallerta, Acapulco, Cabo... etc..

    Friends of mine are leaving this Saturday to go to Cancun and they haven't mentioned once that they're scared. They're just really excited for their vacation! Relax and enjoy your HM. If you're scared, then don't venture far from the resort or touristy areas. HTH!
  • Mexico is just fine. We just got back 2 weeks ago from Cancun. The troubled spots are the border towns not the tourist towns. Just be careful and use the same commen sense you would use in any city here in the US and you'll be fine.
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  • Thanks guyzSmile....we are staying in Cancun for 3days just to settle down. Then we go to the Rui Palace near Playa del Carmen where we will spend 8 days before returning to the US.

  • I have been wondering the same thing.  Why are some of the areas considered "budget?"  Leaves me uneasy.  I just want to know what the negatives are to traveling in Mexico.
  • @ Kristi

    Did you have to drink bottled water the whole time in Cancun?  I'm wondering whether or not water cleanliness is an issue in the tourist areas.
  • The northern border area of Mexico is dangerous.  I know because I live there, in a suburb of Monterrey.   You will be perfectly safe at the tourist beaches, however...  They are sooooooo far from the northern part of Mexico, it would be like saying you're scared to go to Denver because there was violence in New Orleans ;)

    I was just in Cancun earlier this month, for example, and everything was normal.  No signs of anything being out of the ordinary.  Perfectly safe.  Tourism is such a huge part of the Mexican economy, so the government's in the business of keeping tourists safe.

    Also the violence in the north is directed at Mexicans, not tourists...  The two types of primary targets are:

    - Drug dealers and/or people involved in the drug trade, because the cartels are duking it out.

    - Wealthly Mexicans - kidnapping for ransom is a popular way for the cartel members to "earn" money to finance their turf battle. 

    Tourists are specifically NOT targeted because the cartels do not want the U.S. to become even further involved in their disputes...  So, just don't deal drugs or be a wealthy Mexican, and you'll be okay ;) 
  • As long as you're not going there to smuggle drugs, you'll be just fine.
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  • Thanks for all the feedback concerning water issues ^.^

    I haven't traveled much - not out of country at all - and I was hoping it wouldn't be one of those things where the water sucks and you have to buy bottled water and can only find it for extreme markup.
  • i've been once a year for the last 7 years.
    we drink the water out of the tap at our resort (timeshare) and never have a problem.
    i see more people get sick b/c they over do it by the pool and drinks, eat foods they're not used to or just plain aren't paying attention at how long they're in the sun etc... (people get sick from that too). it's never happened to me personally.

    as for safety-please do yourself a favor for your peace of mind-read up on where and what's happening in mexico from reliable sources-rather than random people tlling you to 'be careful'


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