Wedding Woes


Hola!  How is everyone doing so far this week?

We woke up to a fraud alert on our Amazon card, grrrr. 

Did I mention DH's coworker, whose parents have a farm?  He is now our hookup for farm fresh eggs, and they are divine.  Now I wish I had time to make eggs every morning.

Wooz did her presentation yesterday and it sounds like it went well.  She said her teacher said that the paper doll representing Wooz was "definitely very sparkly, huh?"  DD told me "Obviously.  If you have a choice between plain and sparkly, why would you pick plain?"  That is Wooz in a nutshell.

My mother is on my nerves.  I started typing it out, but I'll probably save it for a separate post.

Re: Wednesday

  • Love the Wooz.  Sparkly is the way to go all the time.  She and DD1 are just alike.

    I'm hoping to get the house in order today so we can get the inside xmas decorations down from the attic.  I'm ready to have everything out.
  • Fil and his coworker are here today. Coworker said step-sister doesn't think she'll make it to Christmas. He also thinks fil's prostate cancer is back. Fuck cancer
  • A bird decided today was his day and flew right into my car as I was driving home from daycare drop off.  To balance the scales, I saw a fox in front of my house this morning.  I like nature, as long it's on the other side of my window.  ;) 

    SIL and FIL are coming for dinner tonight.  SIL flies home tomorrow.  FIL also adopted a dog and I get to meet him tonight.  I have mixed feelings about the dog (thought it was too soon), but if it helps FIL feel better (and not so alone), it's an overall good thing.   He's had dogs before and has wanted another one for awhile (MIL was against another dog), so it's not like this is his first pet or anything. 

    I'm hoping to get most of my Christmas shopping done this weekend.  We have the kiddo almost done.  I haven't started on DefConn at all.  
  • 6fsn said:
    Fil and his coworker are here today. Coworker said step-sister doesn't think she'll make it to Christmas. He also thinks fil's prostate cancer is back. Fuck cancer
    I'm sorry.  Fuck cancer.
  • Oh no 6!  :(  Fuck cancer indeed. 
  • H came home yesterday saying he'd gotten into it at work with somebody yesterday. Turns out this manager was coming over to H's junior team members and making degrading and passive aggressive comments. H is in charge of QCing all of the teams' work, and this guy's team is the worst. So H said he's "going to own him" tomorrow during the review. Part of it makes me chuckle, but we can't afford H getting fired if he gets into these battles and things go wrong. 

    I still haven't been released to go back to work after the accident, so my midweek news is dull. Just an update from the doc. (Aside from memory and multitasking issues, I have this incredibly intense pain and tenderness at the top of my scalp. The kind of pain where I flinch if anyone goes near my head, and shampoo days are crying days.) I got a call from my doc that if the current round of medications doesn't work, they're going to try putting injections in my head. Um...right. Because if I can't handle fingers anywhere near there, I certainly want needles. 
  • I'm grumpy today. I ended up going to bed at like 8 pm last night but 3 times during the night, DS came in our room for random things. He never has sleeping troubles (that's DD's forte) so it was odd. He ended up sleeping with us and he likes to sleep right next to me plus he snores.

    I've decided that despite the fact that I have a mountain of work to do, I'm taking Friday off. I need some time to organize things because the clutter in this house is driving me mad.

  • We had a really powerful speaker this morning.  She told the story of her son's murder and her subsequent work in his honor.  She's left me wanting to snuggle up wit my kids and take a nap.  At the same time I want to DO something for the foundation.
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